10 Poundland Gift Ideas

The Christmas Countdown continues here at Digital Media Team! Today we thought we would do something a little bit less media related and something generally fun. Our Content writer, Lacey, has been sent to Poundland with £10 to see if you can actually find a worthy gift for a quid!

Our gift guinea pigs, Damien, Kirsty and Ben, had the honour of unwrapping and giving us the verdict. We have three points of focus here: Is it work a quid, what would we rate it out of five (turkeys, it is Christmas after all), and who we would buy the gift for!

1. Asian Cooking (recipe book)


It seems the first gift was an instant success! It was surprising to find such a huge gift at such a small cost. What was noticed, however, was the few typos in the book, which suggests why it was in Poundland in the first place. Still, a pretty good find to say the least.
Who would love: Dads, cooking fanatics.
Rating: 5 Turkeys

2. If You Love Tarantino (film guide)


Another decent find. We have agreed that this book is specific to someone’s movie taste, so it did divide the team slightly when it came to choosing a fair rating. The downside to this book is the images not quite matching the descriptive text next to them. Other than that, it seemed impressive.
Who would love: Film buffs, Tarantino fans.
Rating: 4 Turkeys

3. Santa mug


This appeared to be a pretty cool find. The mug had a holder for cookies underneath, but that then means the cup itself holds less liquid. Damien took this home for his son who loves dunking biscuits!
Who would love: Kids and cookie lovers.
Rating: 4.5 turkeys

4. Teacup and saucer


This one didn’t turn as many heads as hoped, it was rather small but the design was cute. Kendall took this home.
Who would love: Mums, grannies, Kendall.
Rating: 1 Turkey

5. Milk Tray


Ben already knew what was in this box. Though it was an okay find, the number of chocolates was small, but not bad for a pound.
Who would love: Chocolate lovers
Rating: 3 turkeys

6. Chocolate liqueurs


This one impressed more! The second they discovered alcohol was involved, everyone dived in (it was the end of the day and it’s Christmas…)!
Who would love: Chocolate/booze lovers.
Rating: 4 turkeys

7. Soap stuff


It seemed no one was really impressed with this gift. Even though it was three products in a floral designed package, it didn’t really turn any heads.
Who would love: Anyone you don’t know that well.
Rating: 2 turkeys

8. Cushion


Cute, decent sized, but not of any interest to anyone in the office. It now sits on one of the chairs.
Who would love: Anyone with a new home?
Rating: 2 turkeys

9. Candles


More impressive than the cushion at least, the pack of two candles in Christmas glasses cheered up Kirsty. She has taken them home.
Who would love: Anyone who likes nice smellies!
Rating: 4 turkeys

10. Socks


We couldn’t have a selection of gifts complete without socks! Super funky Christmas design, but it seemed that no one wanted to take them home! They’re now part of the office forfeit costume.
Who would love: We have decided that if you need socks then it might be appreciated.
Rating: 1 turkey.

So it seems it’s not actually impossible to find worthy gifts with such a small budget. Poundland does have a few decent options for a variety of people, it just comes down to finding the right gift for the right person.

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