11 Tools for Social Media (12 days of Christmas Countdown)

Keeping on top of social media can be a challenge. From scheduling content to finding interesting things to share and keeping yourself interesting online, we know how tricky it can be to have everything at once. Fortunately, us at DMT are fantastic researchers when it comes to finding tools and hacks to keep yourself on top. So, in spirit of our Christmas countdown, we have put together a list of our highest recommended platforms to us.

1. If This Then That


Looking to connect two services together through one function? IFTTT is the answer to your prayers. From posting a full image from Instagram to Twitter, to saving tagged photos on Facebook to dropbox, IFTTT makes your social usage easier to manage.

2. FeedReader


Want to share the latest news before anyone else? Use FeedReader to set up RSS feeds from all your favourite websites and you’ll be constantly updated of the latest news! Plus, you can categorise your feeds so websites don’t get mixed up.

3. TweetDeck

051e36e98a2b3776061fa6f611f5dcb0_400x400Tweetdeck is great for scheduling tweets in advance and monitoring multiple Twitter accounts all in one place. It’s completely free to use and is easy to follow.

4. BuzzSumo


Want to know what everyone is talking about to keep your content current? BuzzSumo is the place to be. Using keywords and websites, you can find what’s worth discussing and what’s how right now. Isn’t that great!?

5. Hootsuite (Free)

hootsuiteThough we have mentioned our issues with pricing on Hootsuite in the past, the free version is definitely worth signing up for if you have only a couple of social media platforms to manage. You can monitor your feeds and schedule posts in advance so you don’t have to worry.

6. Pexels


Looking for free stock images to use on your platform? Look no further. Pexels offer a range of free images to save and use however you wish. They also offer images you’re welcome to pay for, but with the options available, you probably wouldn’t need to pay.

7. GetPocket


Another platform for finding external content. Using the explore tool to find content under your desired keyword and voila! Lots of content ready in front of you to browse through and share. As well as this, you can save articles you find elsewhere to save for later!

8. Pinterest

pinterest_logo-3Pinterest brilliant for finding interesting articles and websites, and it’s a great platform to post your content too!

9. Later


Want to save an Instagram post for later? Though you can’t schedule it to be posted automatically (trust us, we’ve looked everywhere), by using the Later app you can put together a post and receive a notification at a desired time to post the image to Instagram. Very handy!

10. Hashtest


Ever wonder if you’re wasting your hashtags on words that won’t get results? Test them out via Hashtest! Simply type in the hashtags you wish to add to your Instagram photo, and Hashtest will highlight the word in a colour to tell you how well it will receive feedback. You can then copy the hashtags to your clipboard to use later.

11. CoShedule Headline analyser


Wondering if your page title is enough to grab someone’s attention? Check it’s rating using CoSchedule! Type in the headline you wish to share and CoSchedule will rate it based on each individual word used and their purpose in the post. How useful is that!?

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