Social Media Marketing Spends Are Booming – Are You Missing Out?

Over the last few years there has been an enormous swing in the way that marketing budgets have been utilised. You only have to look at the way in which print media - and newspapers in particular - are struggling to stay afloat as advertisers drift away from their traditional methods. Although the year is far from over, statistics are already showing the extent of the bleed towards new forms of content marketing, and experts are predicting that this is only going to further increase in the coming years. have revealed that this year alone, $23.68 billion (£15.44 billion) is set to be spend on advertising purely on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is set to rise to around $35.98 billion (£23.45 billion) by 2017. Much of this growth seems to be coming from the largest agencies migrating towards online advertising - and it looks as...

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5 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Christmas Sales

Our local Marks & Spencer store began its Christmas sales drive on 8th October. Cue cries of “it gets earlier every year.” We may resent the holiday push (I argue it should all start on 1st December) but if you’re running a business, Christmas strategy has to be considered. The Christmas sales period can make your business year, and getting the jump on your competition is key to that success. With that in mind, Twitter have released data on the conversion rates of businesses tweeting to promote their products or brand. We’ve put on our analytic glasses and here’s what we’ve found. 1. Why do people like you? Here’s the data: 69% of users are likely to purchase something from a small business that they follow. My first thought: are people following brands they already buy from, or do they love the company from their tweets and then make a purchase? My...

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21 tips improve your website seo

21 SEO Tips From The Experts

There’s no denying that the world of search engine optimisation is ever-changing. Gone are the days of simply stuffing your content with keywords, SEO is a process that needs continuous care and attention. With the constant worry about Google’s algorithms and a plethora of tools to your disposal, it’s easy to become lost and confused in this saturated industry. That’s why everyone loves tips – handy snippets of knowledge designed to help people of all abilities in their efforts to implement more effective SEO techniques. So rather than sitting and tearing your hair out, take 10 minutes of your time to look through these 21 top actionable SEO tips from the experts themselves, taken from a brilliant event at BrightonSEO. Let’s get started. [responsive_video type='youtube' hide_related='1' hide_logo='1' hide_controls='0' hide_title='1' hide_fullscreen='0' autoplay='0'][/responsive_video] #1: Create data from data A great way of creating share-worthy content is to compile data from many sources into one brand new source....

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An Image Is Worth A Thousand Keywords

Okay, maybe not a thousand. But still critical. Images on your website can be fantastic ways of inserting keyword rich content into your webpage. ALT tags? We’re way beyond ALT tags here. There’s another way to improve your search rank while also getting your marketing message across. We’re fond of examples at Digital Media Team so let’s use one. Let’s say you sell train tickets. You want to optimise your page for the term “Trains to Aberdeen,” but you also wish to include a marketing message telling customers to “Book now and save 50%”. The solution is to place “Trains to Aberdeen” in a header tag and “Book now and save 50%” in an image. This way, you score high on SEO for your keyword rich header, without sacrificing your marketing message. Combining keyword rich content and your persuasive message gives you the best of both worlds. To keep up to date with...

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How Website Design Can Make Or Break Your Business

How many times have you been told not to judge a book by its cover? If everyone followed that phrase, publishers wouldn’t spend millions designing covers to catch your eye in Waterstones. We can’t help but judge books by their cover, especially in business. Increasingly, in the internet age, the website is becoming the cover of your company. When finding a new service to fulfil their needs, a customer looks online to find the perfect site. A bad website will turn them away, a good one will open their chequebook. So what is the secret to creating a good website? And how can you get that website to the top of the search engine rankings? To start with, you have to think about why someone would click on your site. Are you selling a product on your site or in high street stores? Are you advertising the services your company provides...

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Why Anchor Text Is Really Important

Anchor text, or that underlined sentence you can click on, is a vital part of the search engine system. Google really likes anchor text, it helps for the search engine to understand what your website is about and yes that’s very important. When you’re optimising your website to rank highly, you need to take a look at the anchor text on your pages and websites linking to you. The most common anchor text is a company name, on its own. This works perfectly well for most people reading the webpage as they will recognise the brand name. Google doesn’t think that way. When it reads a brand name, it recognises the words from people searching for the brand. It cannot remember what the brand does. Silly Google. This means that it isn’t directing people who search for what the brand does to your site, it’s only directing people who search for...

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Can SEO And Branding Get Along?

When figuring out your company strategy, it can be tough to marry SEO and branding. One of the core principles of branding strategy is figuring out the company tone of voice. Your style of speech in communications conveys a message about your company. Are you going for a professional or personal tone? Do you use a lot of alliteration or low amounts? Tone of voice is vital to the image of your brand. So you perfect your tone of voice. Now it’s time to consider your SEO. This is where the issues arise. Maintaining your tone of voice can be difficult when writing effective SEO. It’s unlikely that the most searched for terms fit with your tone of voice. These are the terms you need to use in your page titles; using synonyms to maintain your tone of voice just doesn’t work. Meta descriptions are fair game as they do not...

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