google mobile user interface update

Analysing The Google+ Update – Should Your Business Bother?

Let’s give them a little credit, Google are really trying to make Plus work. It seems that every few months, we see a new update to their social network, a new move that will knock Facebook of its perch. But it never works. This is their latest attempt. We’re going to go over the new features and figure out whether the network is worth your business’s time. When Google+ first started, it was a requirement for anyone with a Google account. No one used it, Plus was that annoying profile you had to create if you used YouTube. Then Google changed their mind, Plus was no longer a requirement. We still didn’t like it. Now Google have changed Plus to focus on Communities and Collections, in addition to improving the mobile functionality of the network. Google+ Communities Communities, one of the two features that the new Google+ update is now centred on. This...

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twitter strategy consultation

Respond! How Small Businesses Can Outperform Big Companies On Twitter

Twitter made word of mouth really powerful. Before, people could talk about your company, they could tell their friends about rude customer service or poor quality products, but it didn’t matter too much. It was one person, only their friends were going to hear what they had to say. Then Twitter happened. Customers could have a terrible experience with a company, they could tweet about it and every other Twitter user could see. More importantly, they could @ the business, hoping to get an answer. Great opportunity for showing off your customer service, right? A new report from Sprout Social, titled Snubbed on Social, reveals that retailers ignore 83% of tweets from customers. The 17% of people who do receive a response have to wait an average of 12 hours to get that response. How are businesses ignoring this development? And how does it affect your small business? Understanding Twitter for business Businesses...

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Digital Media Team Social Dashboard Tutorial

In Digital Media Team’s very first video we talk you through how to use our social dashboard, which allows you to manage your social media from one convenient portal. With a slick interface and intuitive features, this brilliant tool makes handling your social channels a delight. Getting to grips with the Digital Media Team Social Dashboard When you sign up for a Digital Media Team social media package, you gain access to our social dashboard. Once we’ve set you up and running, simply visit to start your social journey. Upon logging in, the first screen you’ll see is the homepage. From this homepage you can see a quick snapshot of your social channels, including your next upcoming scheduled content, clicks to date and more. When looking at your upcoming scheduled content, you can easily edit or delete any posts that you aren’t happy with straight from this screen. On this page you...

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quality copywriting content for sme

How To Build A Content Strategy For Your Small Business

How many times a day do you see webpages like this? [caption id="attachment_1042" align="aligncenter" width="517"] These are the top results from searching for "SEO tips"[/caption] We see these lists all the time. The internet has a real problem with written content. There are so many great articles to find online, browsers can quickly jump ship and find a more exciting post, easier to read or more helpful. These list articles are an attempt to keep people reading. Everyone knows how hard it to click away when you haven’t seen the final tip. The reason we’re seeing so many pages like this is because sites are starting to focus on Content Marketing. Nerdy tech-heads (like us) are always looking forward to the next Google algorithm update, trying to figure out what will change before it rolls out. The general consensus now is that the upcoming Penguin update will make Content Marketing stronger than ever....

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periscope live streaming estate agents content marketing

Could Live Streaming Be The Future For Estate Agents?

Social Media sites are obsessed with video. Words are easy to ignore, videos catch your eye. Maybe this post should be a video. Seeing the success of Snapchat and Vine, Facebook and Twitter are integrating video into users’ timelines, allowing clips and gifs to autoplay as users scroll down. User engagement is incredibly high for videos, let’s take a look at this graph from Wistia: [caption id="attachment_1000" align="aligncenter" width="564"] Only 60% of people make it to the end of videos less than a minute long![/caption] The fantastic Moz blog recently published How to Write for the Web, an article on content marketing and bounce rates, noting that only around 16% of readers actually read to the end. As part of Whiteboard Friday, the post features both video and text. The video is 9 minutes 31 seconds in length. If we look at the graph, we can expect around 40% of viewers to have watched...

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m-commerce online tips guide

Everything You Need To Know About M-Commerce – How To Stay Ahead Online

Facebook, through their analysis service Insights, have released a report on the future of m-commerce. The report, titled The Thumb is in Charge, details the ongoing growth of the sector, focusing on who shops using their mobile and how smartphones affect the buying process. But who wants to read a big long report? We’ve streamlined the info and analysed the data, explaining how your business can benefit from m-commerce integration. How fast is m-commerce growing? Pretty quickly. In the first half of 2015, mobile purchases in the United States grew by 35%. That growth is set to continue, with Facebook Insights predicting a 30% increase in Q4. This data at first seems odd, to see a big growth years after smartphones took off. The first iPhone was released in 2007, ecommerce was already in full flow, why has it taken 8 years for the two to embrace one another? During that period,...

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