Monthly Archives: November 2015

36 Facts You May Not Know About Google

Just 17 years since its founding in 1998, Google is unarguably the biggest online power, dominating the search engine market and spreading its golden wings into more and more services. What began as merely a research programme now exists as an incredible multinational company and an instantly recognisable household name.Thanks to the tech giant we will […]

7 Steps To Creating Shareable Content: A Case Study

Viral content is everywhere – strewn across our social channels, encouraging internet users across the world to watch cat video upon cat video. As a marketer, most of us dream of seeing our content hit the big time. Having thousands of people share your work is an incredible feeling – a feeling that gives you […]

The Manchester Metrolink Rent Map 2015: How Far Will Your Money Go?

Inspired by the good folk over at Thrillist, we’ve put together a handy rental map of Manchester, showing the average monthly cost for a one-bedroom property based on the postcode of each stop on the Metrolink route. It’s not as shocking as the London Underground Rent Map (£2920pcm for a one-bed at Hyde Park Corner, […]

Could Live Streaming Be The Future For Estate Agents?

Social Media sites are obsessed with video. Words are easy to ignore, videos catch your eye. Maybe this post should be a video. Seeing the success of Snapchat and Vine, Facebook and Twitter are integrating video into users’ timelines, allowing clips and gifs to autoplay as users scroll down. User engagement is incredibly high for […]