how to use online video marketing

What, Why And How: Online Video Marketing

There are two big social media trends to look out for in 2016. One is video, the other is conversational commerce. Seeing as last week’s post was about conversational commerce, let’s talk about video. What, video? That’s so 2014… Content marketers and social media experts have been banging on about video for years now. For most of those years, we’ve been saying it’s our top annual trend, a claim that suggests trends only last for 365 days. In reality, they take a lot longer to establish. The Drummond Puddle Watch pulled in 550,000 viewers and was the top worldwide trending topic Video is approaching its peak; most people have heard of gifs, YouTube is an established content channel and live-streaming is moving into the mainstream through apps like Meerkat and Periscope. The growth of video has resulted in a bundle of video apps. Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, there’s a lot of choice. Let’s go through...

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facebook messenger social media strategy

Facebook Messenger For SMEs

Messenger is Facebook’s best feature. While Facebook is the site for keeping in touch, posting publicly for all your Facebook friends to see isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Messenger solves all those issues. You can contact your close friends without plastering it across everyone’s timeline. And now, you can buy products and book appointments with businesses. Tell me more about Facebook Messenger Messenger ended the year with 800 million monthly active users. The figure differs from Facebook because Messenger became a standalone app in April 2015. Splitting Messenger from the original Facebook app allows the Zuck to boast that the two most popular apps on iOS. More importantly, it allows people to use Messenger without a Facebook profile. While the vast majority of users will own and link their Facebook profile, it leaves a little bit of wiggle room as Facebook look to build on the success of Messenger. [caption id="attachment_1352" align="aligncenter" width="550"]...

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social media guide for estate agents

How To Use Social Media As An Estate Agent

We get plenty of questions every day from estate agents, hoping to receive some advice on social media use and management. It’s not that surprising, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming the cornerstone of local businesses. For regional estate agents, social networks are a dream. You can connect with people in your local area and advertise to anyone that’s searching for property nearby. There are around 31 million Facebook users in the UK, and close to 15 million Brits on Twitter. With that in mind, and the amount of time people spend on Facebook and Twitter each day, maintaining a presence online is far more important than advertising in your local paper or property magazines. So what are the most common questions receive? And more importantly, what are the answers? Which social media networks should my estate agents use? Facebook for estate agents It’s a no brainer. We’ve all heard of it,...

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5 things to know social media news

5 Things You Need To Know About News On Social Media

Where do you find out the latest news? Your favourite newspaper? Their website? No. It’s social media. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, these are the places to find the headlines. These sites are content delivery platforms, allowing news companies to publish and link to content. Social media sites are cottoning onto the importance of news and are adjusting their apps to reflect this. Facebook and Twitter are introducing and improving their current content services, hoping to become the daddy of all online news. So if you’re publishing news or articles online, what do you need to know about social media? 1. Twitter doesn’t understand why it’s good In October, Twitter revealed its latest project: Moments. Moments is a tab on your Twitter homepage that shows around eight different articles, selected by Twitter’s mysterious “Curation team.” As curated articles, they’re not based on your interests. Evidence: my current Moments tab has an article about Miley Cyrus,...

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