Monthly Archives: January 2016

What, Why And How: Online Video Marketing

There are two big social media trends to look out for in 2016. One is video, the other is conversational commerce. Seeing as last week’s post was about conversational commerce, let’s talk about video. What, video? That’s so 2014… Content marketers and social media experts have been banging on about video for years now. For […]

Facebook Messenger For SMEs

Messenger is Facebook’s best feature. While Facebook is the site for keeping in touch, posting publicly for all your Facebook friends to see isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Messenger solves all those issues. You can contact your close friends without plastering it across everyone’s timeline. And now, you can buy products and book appointments with […]

How To Use Social Media As An Estate Agent

We get plenty of questions every day from estate agents, hoping to receive some advice on social media use and management. It’s not that surprising, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming the cornerstone of local businesses. For regional estate agents, social networks are a dream. You can connect with people in your […]

5 Things You Need To Know About News On Social Media

Where do you find out the latest news? Your favourite newspaper? Their website? No. It’s social media. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, these are the places to find the headlines. These sites are content delivery platforms, allowing news companies to publish and link to content. Social media sites are cottoning onto the importance of news and are […]