Monthly Archives: February 2016

Youth Marketing: The 10 Commandments

This is an urgent appeal. Every day, thousands of businesses post tweets and Facebook updates full of misunderstood memes, random emojis and references to Hotline Bling. In Latin, the disease is known as Millennial Stultus, though it’s more commonly as downwiththekidsitis. It’s time for us to work together. We can stop this epidemic. Appeal over. […]

Social Sprint: Snapchat Discover Subscriptions

The latest social media news in fewer than 400 words. The Social Sprint. Everyone wants a Snapchat Discover channel. Discover is a section of Snapchat, providing in-app content from 19 publishers, including BuzzFeed, MTV and National Geographic. Snapchat pick and choose the channels, removing poor performers. In September 2015, BuzzFeed was receiving 21% of its […]

Social Sprint: Non-Chronological Twitter Timelines

Across the weekend, #RIPTwitter was the top trending topic worldwide. Users were terrified of non-chronological Twitter timelines, Twitter’s latest announcement. Going through changes Changes are coming because Twitter’s growth flatlined in 2015. Instagram overtook them and Facebook have almost 5 times the users. Something had to change. Non-chronological timelines are the latest attempt to appeal […]

Social Media Strategy – Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Du du du du du! Valentine’s day is almost upon us, meaning every store on the high street is full of red hearts and roses. We all know how important it is to be on the ball when it comes to holiday periods so it’s time to take a look […]

Social Sprint: Facebook Reactions

So it turns out there are more emotions than like. Facebook are rolling out Reactions, a long overdue update. In addition to liking posts, users will be able to show their love, laugh, gasp, look sad and get angry. Here’s what it all means for us marketing types. A set of new metrics Reactions are […]