Monthly Archives: May 2016

Kim Jong-un’s Social Network Koreas Out Of Control

Everyone’s on the lookout for the latest hot social network. Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope have each had their 15 minutes of fame, driven by Jet Ski excursions, puddles and Chewbacca masks. Now there’s a new contender. North Korea have thrown their hat into the ring. Starcon is a Facebook competitor, offering users the opportunity to […]

What Google I/O Means for Mobile PPC and SEO

Tech conferences can be divided into two. There’s the announcements that we’ll use and the announcements to impress us. In the first column, we’ve got Google Assistant, Allo & Duo, and Instant Apps. On the impressive side, Google showed off Daydream VR and Google Home, an Amazon Echo competitor. We’re going to focus on the […]

Social Sprint: Google Image Search Adds Shopping Ads

The latest social media news in fewer than 400 words. The Social Sprint. In a long-rumoured move, Google have added adverts to their image search platform. What’ve Google done, then? Well, ahead of their I/O conference, Google announced that they’d be adding adverts to their image searches – however, this update only applies to those […]

Social Sprint: Periscope’s Big Update

The latest social media news in fewer than 400 words. The Social Sprint. In the next few weeks, Periscope are releasing a much needed update. There are three features to look forward to, major UX improvements for the live streaming app. The biggest feature Users will be able to save their videos permanently. No more […]