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Kim Jong-un’s Social Network Koreas Out Of Control

Everyone’s on the lookout for the latest hot social network. Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope have each had their 15 minutes of fame, driven by Jet Ski excursions, puddles and Chewbacca masks. Now there’s a new contender. [caption id="attachment_2247" align="aligncenter" width="459"] Starcon's beautiful login page[/caption] North Korea have thrown their hat into the ring. Starcon is a Facebook competitor, offering users the opportunity to share their memories, connect with others and make new friends. How that works in North Korea, who knows...

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Facebook Finally Admits To Using Cookies – But What Does It Mean?

Users who logged on to Facebook this morning were greeted with something they hadn't seen before - an admission by Facebook that, yes, they use cookies. This is something that most internet users will be more that used to, with pretty much every other site on the web giving a similar policy warning. Why have Facebook just started using something that the rest of the internet has been utilising as standard for so long? The simple answer is - they haven't. For those unaware, a cookie is a small file (or, as Facebook put it 'piece of text') used to store information on your computer, laptop, tablet or other device. This can be done so that sites can remember certain preferences of individual users, to store passwords or - more typically - so that sites can remember what content you've been looking at, and to tailor their experience accordingly. There's one...

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3 Surprising Google Mobile Search Stats – And How Your Business Can Adapt To Exploit Them

During the Adwords & Analytics Innovations Keynote, Google announced a series of stats which illustrated quite how much power mobile traffic now has in the online world. What does this mean for you, and how can you adapt going forward? Most Google searches are now done on a mobile phone Google are always wary of putting out any concrete stats about their business - so even this vague bit of information was enough to shock people. Trillions of searches are conducted on Google platforms each year (we're guessing that the company are including Maps, YouTube and all of their other services in this) - but more than that, the majority of them being on mobile? Blimey. Looking at it logically - of course this is the case. Think about how you, your friends, your family mainly use the web now. A few years ago, tablets were the focal point of a lot of...

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Social Sprint: What we learnt from Google’s Adwords & Analytics keynote

The latest social media news in fewer than 500 words. The Social Sprint. In a much-hyped 'innovations' keynote speech, the Google AdWords & Analytics teams announced sweeping changes to the platform which could have wide-ranging effects - or could simply mean marketers have a new platform through which to spend the same money in the same way. What did we learn? Google now knows that mobile is the future of AdWords AdWords mobile tools still feel a little tacked on – but Google assures that is going to change. As well as improving adverts on mobile (with more text in the headline, apparently improving CTR by 20%), you’ll now be able to anchor your campaigns to whichever device you’re more interested in – desktop, mobile or tablet. There's also a new integrated Display network service - meaning fewer nightmares for your graphic designers. [caption id="attachment_2224" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Some examples of Display adverts created with...

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What Google I/O Means for Mobile PPC and SEO

Tech conferences can be divided into two. There’s the announcements that we’ll use and the announcements to impress us. In the first column, we’ve got Google Assistant, Allo & Duo, and Instant Apps. On the impressive side, Google showed off Daydream VR and Google Home, an Amazon Echo competitor. We’re going to focus on the useful side today. Google Assistant Assistant is the major one. It centres on making Google Search more conversational. Yep, #ConvComm is coming to Search. Users can interact with Google Assistant, asking a series of questions that make it easy to find film reviews and order food. The great thing about Assistant: it offers everything. As more and more conversational bots appear for Facebook Messenger, it’s clear we’re going to get a little cluttered. Who wants thirty bots for thirty jobs when one can do it all? Sorry Poncho… This announcement fits nicely with the Gboard, a recent addition to...

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Social Sprint: Google Image Search Adds Shopping Ads

The latest social media news in fewer than 400 words. The Social Sprint. In a long-rumoured move, Google have added adverts to their image search platform. What've Google done, then? Well, ahead of their I/O conference, Google announced that they'd be adding adverts to their image searches - however, this update only applies to those who are using the Shopping aspect of the Adwords platform. So from now on, if you're searching for pictures of football boots, tailored shirts or - as illustrated below - necklaces, you'll be shown adverts by people who are looking to sell these items. If you're an advertiser, you'll now be picking up impressions/clicks from people image searching - so you may need to alter your PPC strategy to suit. Why have Google done this? Surely Adwords is successful enough? Some have argued that the company are playing catch-up with consumers who are explicitly looking to make a purchase -...

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Social Sprint: Periscope’s Big Update

The latest social media news in fewer than 400 words. The Social Sprint. In the next few weeks, Periscope are releasing a much needed update. There are three features to look forward to, major UX improvements for the live streaming app. The biggest feature Users will be able to save their videos permanently. No more waving goodbye to your beloved broadcasts after the 24 hours elapses. This is pretty massive. It now means that companies can create long life and evergreen content with Periscope. Before the update, using Periscope for business was kinda wasteful. Now, funnelling time and effort into creating a half decent broadcast will be rewarded. [caption id="attachment_2056" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Don't forget to save![/caption] Quick examples, estate agents could use Periscope as a content house for video tours of their listed properties. Events companies can stream highlights and send potential clients to their Periscope profile to see just how good a party they can...

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