The Best Social Media Campaigns From The Cannes Lions 2016

In the past week, ad agency Twitter has obsessively tweeted from the Cannes Lions. The annual festival of advertising (they say creativity these days) is an opportunity to network and listen to industry experts. Best of all, it’s an opportunity to win stuff. Advertising agencies can enter their work (for a fee) in a variety of different categories, including PR, mobile and product design. Whether you’re a top agency, a startup or just a regular joe, the Cannes Lions are a great opportunity to take a look at the most imaginative marketing campaigns of the past year. We’re a digital agency, so we’re going to focus on the best uses of social media from this year’s crop. Straight Outta… – Beats by Dre – R/GA Hustle Before the release of the Straight Outta Compton film, these pictures were everywhere. My Facebook feed was full of overnight NWA fans. #StraightOutta was the number one...

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Iceland Already Clear Winners Of #EURO2016 Twitter

Euro 2016 is here, guaranteeing a set of trending topics from now until 10th July. We were in the process of setting up a complex Euro 2016 bracket, based on companies’ Twitter feeds and how they’ve used the tournament for self-promotion. But it quickly became apparent that there could only be one winner, even at this early stage of the competition. Frozen food specialist Iceland have left their competition for dead, aligning closely with their nation namesakes. Leaping into action during Iceland’s 1-1 draw with Portugal, the supermarket showcased a range of different social media skills. Communicating with fans, encouraging user engagement and creating viral content. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could hit a Panenka at this point. Here are our top 5 tactics to learn from Iceland’s opportunistic Euro 2016 success. Fake spats with other brands Not every business has taken a shot at marketing through Euro 2016. Disappointingly, Swedish giants...

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The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing

Business owners never stop thinking of ways to promote their services. Increasingly, one of the most popular options to consider is social media marketing. It's one of the fastest growing advertising channels, mainly due to the benefits it provides to a range of different businesses. It’s common practice to outsource other areas of your business. Accounting, business development, customer service, design, most businesses pass this work on to experts. Agencies provide services that you’re unable to do yourself, whether if it’s because you don’t have enough time on your hands, you’re sceptical about how it can help you, or you simply do not understand it. Business owners interested in digital marketing face a decision. Should you hire a full-time member of staff to manage your social media accounts, or should you outsource to an agency? To make that decision a little easier, we’ve set out the advantages of outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency, rather...

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Noisy Neighbours: Facebook Video vs Snapchat

Looking to improve customer engagement on social media, lots of brands are turning to video. One Facebook VP has predicted that News Feeds will be 100% video in five years. Users are much happier to watch a two-minute video than they are to read a 500-word article, it’s easier. Simple as that. But should Facebook be the focus of your company's video output? It’s oh so quiet… Facebook helps to boost engagement stats by autoplaying videos in users’ timeline with a single caveat, the videos start with no sound. A good idea underpins this decision, autoplaying noisey videos would be obnoxious. Instead, we get subtitles (Facebook offer auto-captioning for videos) and Facebook advise brands to work around the lack of sound by focusing on visuals. [caption id="attachment_2353" align="aligncenter" width="492"] Subtitled videos are the norm on Facebook[/caption] 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day, though many publishers note that around 85%...

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The Top 8 Social Media Business Fails

On the 31st May, residents of a Salt Lake City apartment block found a letter from their landlord. It included three rules for online behaviour. The tenants were ordered to “friend” the landlord’s company page. Everyone had to consent to the company posting photos of the tenants enjoying their day-to-day life. Negative online reviews of the complex were also outlawed. Failure to follow any of the rules was a breach of contract. Local TV station KSL spotted the story and made it the morning headline. As of writing this, the landlord’s page is still unavailable, following a flood of negative reviews. Clearly, this is bad business Facebook. In all likelihood, the mistake was made by someone unfamiliar with the way people use Facebook. But it got us thinking about our favourite social media cock-ups from people that should know better. 1. Alan Sugar moans about everyone saying “You’re Fired” Alan Sugar’s Twitter is a bizarre place....

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How To Embed Facebook Posts Onto Your Website Or Blog

Facebook has all kinds of not-so-hidden features that are added unbeknownst to your average user. They slide them in when no one’s looking, growing their database at a frightening speed and getting one step further to an imminent world takeover. Unless the feature is emojis, nobody misses new emojis. One function Facebook kept quiet is the omniscient search function. Type “photos liked by [insert friend’s name]” into your search bar and you’ll see what we mean (or don’t if you think ignorance is bliss). This could potentially cause some serious Facebook stalking and be the end of young relationships. Plus, I’m sure it won’t help lessen the statistic that “Facebook” is cited in 1 in 3 divorces in America. Anyway, this has less to do with relationship breakdowns (a whole other article entirely) but more to do with improving your website with the clever little trick of embedding. We’re very familiar with...

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