Facebook Advertising Award Winners – LICRA

Here's the first of our regular looks at great advertising campaigns on social media. This week, we're looking at LICRA's imaginative impressions campaign. #nolikesforracism - LICRA - DDB Paris This upside down ad by LICRA – The League Against Racism & Anti-Semitism - played with our usual use of Facebook. No one expects to see an upside down video, it's totally out of place. Anyone with an ounce of curiosity turned their phone around (fingers crossed auto-rotate is off) and found a video full of casual racism. The video ended with the line "if you don't like this video, don't like this post" giving users a hint to at the like button. It's the wrong way up. A Big thumbs down. As an organisation, LICRA used an innovative way to get people to take notice of a video on their feeds, where they might have otherwise scrolled past and ignored. [caption id="attachment_2638" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Some smart...

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Print Vs Digital Marketing – Which Is Right For Your Business? Part Two

As promised, here’s part two of our look at digital and conventional marketing. You can find part one here. Measuring your methods Online, it’s much simpler to measure your success and much easier to adapt to what works better and improve your results. You can encourage the response you want from a Facebook advertisement or post, whether that response is filling out a form on a landing page, visiting your website, or liking or sharing your post on social platforms. Facebook Business Manager enables conversion tracking and measures goals and engagement along the way. [caption id="attachment_924" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Facebook Business Manager's objective options[/caption] Compare this to measuring newspaper or television reach. How do you track who took the time to read your newspaper ad? Or who switched over the TV channel or radio when your advert came on? If sales increase at on a certain day, you can’t be positively sure it was down...

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digital marketing

Print Vs Digital Marketing – Which Is Right For Your Business? Part One

Many business owners are sceptical of how social media marketing can bring value to their business. That’s just how it is with new media. You should know that we’re not recommending you abandon the traditional strategies you’re comfortable with and that work for you. People still notice broadcast and print adverts. We’re still listening to the radio; we’re still watching TV. But we’re also spending a lot of time on Facebook. [caption id="attachment_2598" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Let people know about your social pages[/caption] To see it as traditional marketing vs. digital marketing is to miss the point. The argument we’re trying to make is not whether digital advertising will eventually replace traditional ad formats or not, but rather that you should be using both. Don’t dismiss the power of the two working together, we’ve got examples from some of the biggest businesses in the world, successfully using both strategies hand-in-hand. Let’s be really clear for...

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twitter user engagement stats

The Value Of A Twitter Follower

Twitter’s latest white-paper is The Value of a Follower. It’s full to the brim with stats and infographics, explaining the value Twitter followers can bring to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Asking people in every corner of the world, Twitter surveyed a total of 5,450 people to get their hands on this sacred data. If you want to read the full paper without our expert analysis and advice, you can find it here. 90% use Twitter at least weekly & 57% are daily users This is just a snapshot of the kind of people Twitter were surveying. The majority are using Twitter every day of the week, though only 30% see tweets from SMBs each time they take a look at their timeline. 30% is pretty low. We’re not saying that your business needs to be one of those ever-present tweeters that has a 140-character line about any trending topic. What we’re saying...

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Introducing Snapchat Memories

Snapchat’s got a new feature, so the tech world is going crazy. Every time Evan Spiegel speaks it seems like a thousand blog posts are published. We’re going to take you through the new features, how they’ll affect the app, and if there’s any business use. (Hint: there is). The main event: Saving photos Memories functions like a photo album. Snapchat has allowed users to save photos for a while, but the pictures always disappeared into your camera roll. Now, they go to one, searchable spot. And yep, stories can now be saved. Here’s an important point. Snapchat isn’t going to automatically save your snaps. You’ve got to hit the little Memories button. This is a really big point. Snapchat’s defining detail was disappearing pictures, so any auto-save would’ve killed their USP. Snapchatters that just send stupid joke photos aren’t losing anything through the addition of Memories. Additionally, people that used Snapchat to chart their...

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What, Why, Who, How: Facebook’s User Focused Algorithm Change

There’s been a problem with your News Feed for a while. It was all business pages you didn’t like, friends you don’t have. Facebook stuffed users’ News Feeds with content they thought you’d be interested in. Having finally realised that users aren’t nuts about seeing a timeline full of Lad Bible videos, Facebook fiddled with the algorithms that create your News Feed. What’s changed? The focus is now on your friends. Facebook used to pop in tonnes of content from publishers that generate a lot of likes. A lot of it was based around “Your Friend Liked This” posts, an annoying feature that served only to show you how terrible your friends are. Matthew liked a post from Kasabian? Blocked. [caption id="attachment_2496" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Anything that gets these guys out of my feed must be good[/caption] Now, your friends get priority. If you’ve liked a load of their posts before, they’re more likely to...

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