5 Brands Who Slayed Halloween 2016

Although we’ve all been carving pumpkins, eating too much candy and spending our money on fancy dress items for weeks already, Halloween is finally here. And once again, our favourite brands have taken to the interwebs to relish in spooky season and throw big bucks at flashy ad campaigns. Which we love. Here are our top 5 brands who made the most of Halloween this year. 1. Burger King [caption id="attachment_57897" align="aligncenter" width="652"] BK did well to keep the elaborate plan under wraps.[/caption] Nope, no black Whoppers this year (or their unfortunate side-effect…), Burger King has instead trolled rivals McDonald’s in a savage move which has broken the internet. The burn was made by the Queens NY branch, which dressed its sign up as the ghost of Mcdonald’s, accompanied with the following message: “BOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween”. Unsurprisingly, burger-lovers went crazy for the prank, and the picture was...

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Combining Facebook Live And Story-Doing

Over the past month, Facebook’s PR blog has been publishing weekly lists of their favourite streams from Facebook Live. Scan through the these two lists and you’ll spot a clear theme. It’s people talking to the camera. Non-stop. Some of them are interviews, some of them are mini-vlogs, but it’s pretty standard stuff. Not much happens. This is standard PR stuff. Get the face of your brand to speak to camera or answer a few questions. It’s fine, but it’s not getting the most out of Facebook Live. Story-telling vs story doing Prepare yourself for a little bit of pretention. In a recent Campaign article, Charles Vallance spoke about the move in advertising from story-telling to story-doing. Instead of focussing on communication, businesses should be prioritising engagement. @henryslaughter amazing photo of the @sydneyoperahouse. Why don't you #comeonin, we have 2x tics to tonight's 7pm #blancshow. We'll DM you more info. A video posted by Sydney Opera...

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