Monthly Archives: December 2016

7 Companies who Ace Social Media

Only seven days left in our countdown, Christmas is so close! Today we are talking about companies who know how to use social media to their advantage, so we have seven pop our favourites picked out and will be discussing what it is that makes them so great. 1. PureGym Giveaways, online Q&A’s, health and […]

8 ways to get your Social Media Christmas Ready

T’is officially the season! The Christmas countdown has begun, which means if you haven’t set up your social media platforms for your business, you better get on it straight away! Don’t worry though, here at Digital Media Team, we have the masterplan to getting your business Christmas ready online! 1. Time for some new graphics […]

9 Social Media Content Ideas

While coming up with ideas for our countdown to Christmas, we realised that it can be really hard to stay consistent! So we thought it might be handy to provide you with content ideas to use on your own social media! And with nine days left, it can only mean we have nine options for […]

10 Poundland Gift Ideas

The Christmas Countdown continues here at Digital Media Team! Today we thought we would do something a little bit less media related and something generally fun. Our Content writer, Lacey, has been sent to Poundland with £10 to see if you can actually find a worthy gift for a quid! Our gift guinea pigs, Damien, […]

11 Tools for Social Media (12 days of Christmas Countdown)

Keeping on top of social media can be a challenge. From scheduling content to finding interesting things to share and keeping yourself interesting online, we know how tricky it can be to have everything at once. Fortunately, us at DMT are fantastic researchers when it comes to finding tools and hacks to keep yourself on […]

12 Gifts for Social Media Geeks

We all know someone who’s obsessed with their social media, so this Christmas get them something they’ll truly appreciate by taking some inspiration from our geeky, social media wish list! 1. Don’t make me blog about this – Mug Looking for the perfect gift for your blogger buddy? Look no further than this pop art […]

New Year, New Social Media

With 2017 on the way, the whole world will be talking about starting fresh. “New year, new me!” You’ll see at least five times on your Facebook and Twitter feed, and you might feel it’s a good opportunity for yourself. But what about your social media presence? Not just personal, maybe your business could do […]