Monthly Archives: January 2017

Facebook tests ads in Groups

Well, we knew this day was coming. Facebook is finally in the testing process of placing brand’s adverts into groups. With Facebook Marketplace and Buy, Sell, Swap groups becoming a big part of the platform’s community, it’s no surprise that this move is now on the cards. By doing this, Facebook will be able to earn revenue without drowning […]

Social Media – Platforms of the East

Here at DMT, we have social media covered. Facebook and Twitter are our go-tos, and we’re also experts when it comes to LinkedIn and Instagram (In case you didn’t know), but a question has been on our minds recently. We know all about social media in the West, but what platforms are used by our […]

Introduction To Facebook Pixels

Since returning to the DMT office this January, the team have been taking some new approaches to getting the most for their clients through social media. One approach in particular, is the Facebook pixel. Not sure what a pixel can do for your business? Let us talk you through it. Using the Facebook pixel, we […]

Social Media Trends

There are so many changes coming to social media this year, and it’s important to know how you can take advantage of social features when it comes to promoting your business. Today we will be focusing on three trends to focus on in 2017 which you can use to push your business online. Video Video […]

Which Social Media Team Are We On?

Though the guys at DMT work with a variety of social media platforms, it’s easy to divide us up just from asking us which our favourite platform is. This week we decided to discuss what we love about our favourite social platforms, and what everyone’s social media nemesis is! Team Facebook   “I guess I’m […]

Go Live! How Facebook Can Be Used For Any Business

Happy New Year everyone! The DMT team are so excited to be back in the office, and we have fresh content for you to enjoy. So to kick start the year, we’re talking about our new best friend to social media, Facebook Live! Since blowing up over the past year, Facebook Live has become a […]