How We Built a Quality LinkedIn Network that Generates Daily Leads

In just a matter of months, we've built a LinkedIn network with over 10,000 connections. What’s more, we've generated high quality business leads on a daily basis from these connections. We're going to teach you how you too can do the same. Ready? Let’s go.   Optimise Your Profile When people click through to your profile, they’ll decide whether or not they want to connect to you within a matter of seconds. They’ll be thinking: Do they look like an expert in their field? How can they help me? If your profile looks the part, people are more likely to connect with you. Here’s a quick checklist to follow: Complete every section in full Use a professional photo Create a vanity URL (on your profile page, click edit your public profile & URL on the right hand side) Get written recommendations from your colleagues and peers - aim for at least five Add your skills and get...

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Instagram’s Biggest Update Allows You To Follow Hashtags

Instagram’s latest update is a big one, as the social network now allows users to follow hashtags as well as profiles and business pages. This is a bit of a game changer - social media is primarily about following other users, but this change will allow you to hyper-personalise your own feed. Rather than having to manually look for content using the search facility (which is a bit longwinded), you can now follow a hashtag and see popular posts from that tag come up in your main feed alongside user content. There are some concerns - Instagram will have to do some clever filtering to ensure that objectionable content or spam doesn’t get distributed by hashtag following. But the change is likely to make Instagram even more addictive, as users can dig deeper into niche communities and the things they care about. Over time, hashtag following could allow Instagram to...

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Etiquette for Business

The rise of technology has made social media one of the most essential marketing tools for business of all shapes and sizes. Companies look to social media for increased brand awareness at a reasonable cost, and the simplicity of marketing in this way is appealing for smaller businesses. The risk factor is that - given the fast-paced, essential nature of social media - mistakes can be made with the touch of a button. We’ve listed some social media etiquette rules for the four big platforms, helping you behave appropriately whilst using social media for your business. Do you have any additions to the list? Let us know! Facebook Facebook is our favourite channel to market on, due to its large audience base and the advanced nature of its a dvertising platform. We advise that all businesses maintain a presence on Facebook, but it’s advertising performs best for B2C businesses. Here are some etiquette...

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