Top 7 Brands Nailing Humour On Twitter

Twitter is a great platform when used to its full potential. Wit, brevity (despite 280gate), and the real-time nature of the channel are what keep users coming back, again and again. It’s also a great way to connect with celebs and brands in a public arena. The way a brand approaches Twitter can make or break their success on the platform. Many businesses make the critical mistake of simply listing their products and tweeting snoozeworthy updates about how great their service is, whereas others take the opportunity to shine. The key to engaging people in the social age seems to be making people laugh - and being memorable - rather than turning them off with a sellsellsell approach. We’re overloaded with adverts throughout all aspects of our life, so if we turn to social media for entertainment, that’s what we want - to be entertained. Here’s our list of 7 brands...

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Superbowl LII Tweets

Best Tweets of Super Bowl LII

The hype surrounding the Super Bowl is great, but as a Mancunian, each year brings about a tough decision between being fresh on a Monday morning or succumbing to the awesome parties taking place at sports bars across town. (Side note - all fresh in the DMT office but devastated that we missed one of the best games in Super Bowl history). However, one thing we can all enjoy is the social media frenzy that comes with the event, and the genius Tweets and memes that are created during the game. The Eagles might have won their first ever Super Bowl, but it was the internet who were the real winners. Here's our round up of the funniest Tweets of Super Bowl LII. 1. #SelfieKid When 13-year-old Ryan McKenna was snapped playing with his phone during Justin Timberlake's half-time show, Twitter blew up and it wasn't long until the teenager was trending....

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DMT Spotlight: Mason

Digital Media Team's newest arrival is Mason, who joins us as part of his apprenticeship from the Juice Academy. Apart from making everyone else in the office feel old, Mason has been involved in a lot during his first week, and we're excited to see how he'll progress during his 18 months with the team!  Can you tell us a bit about your position at DMT? I am a digital marketing apprentice at Digital Media Team. This position consists of working with the content creation team in order to learn from them. I have been given some responsibility with creating content for some clients' Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles. I have really enjoyed it so far because I feel like I’m already learning more than I was at college. What attracted you to the company? I was attracted to the company through the Juice Academy. I participated in their boot camp and chose Digital...

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