5 Brands Who Slayed Halloween 2016

Although we’ve all been carving pumpkins, eating too much candy and spending our money on fancy dress items for weeks already, Halloween is finally here. And once again, our favourite brands have taken to the interwebs to relish in spooky season and throw big bucks at flashy ad campaigns. Which we love.

Here are our top 5 brands who made the most of Halloween this year.

1. Burger King

BK did well to keep the elaborate plan under wraps.

Nope, no black Whoppers this year (or their unfortunate side-effect…), Burger King has instead trolled rivals McDonald’s in a savage move which has broken the internet. The burn was made by the Queens NY branch, which dressed its sign up as the ghost of Mcdonald’s, accompanied with the following message: “BOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween”.

Unsurprisingly, burger-lovers went crazy for the prank, and the picture was an instant hit on Twitter as people spotted the out-of-place ghoul. BK even went one step further by dressing up some of their burger packaging, writing Mcdonald’s in marker pen on top of the box.

What did Mcdonald’s do as a comeback, I hear you ask? Well, they released this statement:

Who wouldn’t want to masquerade as McDonald’s for Halloween when we are serving up treats like McCafé beverages, apple pies, and our World Famous Fries?


Pumpkin rating: ? ? ? ? ?

2. giffgaff

Um, thanks, but we ordered turkey.

Um, thanks, but we ordered turkey.

giffgaff love Halloween, and for the fourth year running the mobile network has run a horror-themed film with impressive production. The two-minute long special draws inspiration from classic horrors, and is actually a lot more engaging than many of the movies that hit the cinema these days (Blair Witch remake, anyone?).


Playing on the idea of ‘nightmare’ two-year contracts, the adverts were shared on the network’s social channels and received great feedback.

giffgaff got all the Halloween love.

giffgaff got all the Halloween love.

They also launched a Snapchat filter and even hosted a pop-up zombie beauty salon in Soho. Now that’s how to do it.

Pumpkin rating: ? ? ? ?

3. Airbnb

The question is, lid or no lid?

The question is, lid or no lid?

Renowned for their quirky competitions, Airbnb joined the Halloween mix by offering two people the chance to stay in Dracula’s castle. The (un)lucky winners will be the first people to sleep over at the Transylvanian landmark since 1948.

How not to sleep at night.

How not to sleep at night.

What’s more, they’ll be treated to a slap up dinner and then left to sleep in red velvet-trimmed coffins (yep, really). The event is hosted by Dracula author Bram Stroker’s heir Dacre, who also took to Reddit to host an AMA to run alongside the competition. We think Airbnb should go one step further and livestream the spooky sleepover, but maybe we’re just sadists.

Pumpkin rating: ? ? ? ?

4. Jägermeister

Knowing full well that Halloween is a time for spirits, Jägermeister launched a #JagerZombie campaign, taking to social media to share the news of an undead outbreak. 2,800 Zombie Takeover kits were distributed to the likes of Walkabout, plying Britain’s drinkers with the herbal shot and making sure the streets truly were lined with zombies.

What’s more, not one, not two, but eleven separate videos were uploaded to YouTube. In fact, there was so much content posted that we’re pretty sure Jäger lost a few followers over the weekend. Subtlety is underrated.

Pumpkin rating: ? ? ?


If there’s anyone who could well and truly crush your childlike enthusiasm after you stand back and admire your freshly-carved pumpkin, it’s a bunch of space engineers. That’s right, NASA held a pumpkin carving competition, and the results, naturally, were spooktacular (sorry).

I reckon we just elect the pumpkin.

I reckon we just elect the pumpkin.

Personal favourite is the Donald Trump-kin, who probably talks a lot more sense than the real thing. Don’t feel too dejected about your own efforts, at least you got some great soup out of it.

Pumpkin rating: ? (purely out of spite)

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