5 Brands Who Are Slaying Halloween 2017


Spooky season is back, and some may say bigger than ever. With the latest American Horror Story gracing our screens; the highest grossing horror movie of all time; the Stranger Things kids back in town and the return of Jigsaw (shudder), there’s really been no avoiding all things frightful this year. 

While the rest of the nation was debating whether to dress up as Pennywise, Wonder Woman or Donald Trump (ha), we were rounding up the best brand moments from Halloween 2017. Here’s our top 5.

1. Fanta - The 13th Floor

Fanta 13th Floor

You’ve probably spotted the Fanta adverts on the Internet and beyond, as they’ve gone big on what owners Coca-Cola called their biggest ever Halloween marketing campaign to date. Their ad activity centres around a VR experience set in a crashing elevator. In addition to a 360 video experience on YouTube, experiential works have been set up at both Thorpe Park and Westfield Shopping Centre. 

There are also QR codes printed on promotional spooky packaging, which take customers through to exclusive Snapchat lenses and filters. Fanta are also teaming up with vloggers and influencers to really get the message out there. 

Rosalind Brown, marketing manager at Coca-Cola GB, said: “Halloween is a fast growing sector in the UK and this is largely driven by millennials - Fanta’s key demographic - making it the perfect occasion to engage with our fans.” 

2. Svedka Vodka - The Curse

This is a clever one. The Swedish vodka brand has focused its campaign on ad retargeting - which most people (except us advertisers) tend to see as a bit of a nightmare, to ‘follow’ users and ‘curses’ them with hellish ads. It’s one way to get noticed, and a personal favourite within the DMT ad team.

The experience starts with some seasonal cocktail recipes, served to vodka-lovers on social. When you click through, you get transported to the Svedka halloween hub, where the curse video awaits. 

After viewing the clip, the curse begins, and video banner ads will start following you around the internet. The ads are personalised based on your location, vodka preferences and online behaviour. Users can only break the curse by sharing clickbait articles, passing on the curse to any friends who click the links. 

It’s a great example of thinking outside the box, and one that will appeal to a switched-on millennial audience.

Svedka Halloween

3. Budweiser - King of Fears 

Budweiser has thrown itself into the spirit of Halloween with its King of Fears campaign, which gives customers the chance to get all dressed up. The team have opened a pop-up fancy dress shop in East London, which will be open between October 27th - 29th. With DJ sets, free beer on arrival and exclusive collaborations with fashion brands, the event is the perfect place for Bud fans to warm up for Halloween.

Budweiser King of Fears

They’ll also be hosting some Nightmare Circus events, with street food, exclusive DJ sets and of course Budweiser on tap. Budweiser love experiential marketing, and it’s one way to keep themselves relevant while facing the growing popularity of craft beer. 

4. Dunkin' Donuts

US donut giant Dunkin’ is making the most of Halloween by running some social media-focused campaigns. Their campaign includes DIY tutorials on their blog and social channels, with topics such as nail art and pumpkin designs in the spotlight. They’re also running a Halloween-themed Snapchat game, with exclusive geofilters.

Dunkin Donuts

Over on Instagram, the brand is running a costume contest, with a pretty impressive prize. The best dressed Instagram user will be featured on the Dunkin’ Donuts Times Square Billboard in NYC (can you imagine?!), receive a cash prize of $2,500 prize and a year’s supply of coffee. Where do we sign? 

5. Burger King (again)

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without seeing Burger King troll their biggest rivals. Following the success of the It movie, BK have come out to state that clowns are the third most requested Halloween costume this year, and they’ve decided to reward any customer who dresses up as a creepy clown.

They’ll be giving out free Whoppers to the first 500 clowns who visit their Leicester Square flagship branch on October 28th between 7pm and 3am. Remind us to avoid the area. 

Renato Rossi, head of marketing for Burger King UK, said: “The Burger King brand is known for welcoming all customers and putting the crown on everyone’s head. This Halloween, come like a clown to eat like a king.” Touché. 

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