5 Facebook Features Your Business Needs to be Using

Did you know that Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly active users? That means that if the social media giant were a country (imagine), it would be the most populous nation on earth.

There’s no denying that Facebook truly is king of social media, and shows no sign of relinquishing that title. Here at DMT we’re huge Facebook fans, and we’d recommend the network to absolutely every business, no matter the industry.

Facebook is constantly evolving, offering more and more new features to help improve user experience for customers and businesses alike.

We’ve rounded up five key Facebook features that your business needs to be using. How many are you taking advantage of?

Facebook username

1. Pick a vanity URL

We stumble across so many businesses who haven’t taken this very simple step. Default Facebook URLs are messy and unprofessional (it will look something like “facebook.com/yourbusiness-123456789“, so picking a URL of your choice helps neaten things up.

To claim a custom URL, you’ll first need to reach 25 likes on your page. Once you have the right amount, you can visit the about section of your page and pick a username. This username will not only display under your business name, it will become your URL. (eg. facebook.com/mybusiness).

Remember, if you already have links on your website pointing to your Facebook before you set your URL, you will have to update these so that the links reach the correct destination.

Pinned Facebook post

2. Pin key posts

Pinning a post to the top of your page is a quick and easy way to help increase visibility of a post of your choice. This is ideal if you have a current promotion, a new piece of content or an upcoming event that you’d like to draw people’s attention to.

You could also use this feature to show off your top performing posts – having a post with impressive metrics sitting at the top of your page makes your business look important.

To use this feature, simply click on the arrow to the top right of the post and click ‘pin to top of page’.

Remember, you can only pin one post at a time. If you wish to swap the pinned post, simply click ‘unpin’, and pin the new post.

Facebook page verification

3. Get verified

No, we’re not talking those elusive blue ticks. Verifying your page will add a grey tick next to the name of your page, signifying that your page is being run by a real representative of your company.

This not only adds credibility to your page, it also helps increase the exposure of your page. Facebook will display verified pages higher in the search results, increasing the likelihood of people seeing your page.

To verify your page, go into your page settings. Page verification is the third option down on the general settings page – you should spot it straight away. Click ‘verify this page’ and a pop up window will display. All you need to do is enter your business phone number, and Facebook will give you an automated call to give you a four-digit verification code. Enter this code into the box provided and click continue. It’s that simple!

Facebook Auto-response

4. Make the most of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has evolved from a great place to gossip into an essential tool for businesses. With over 1 billion active monthly users, Facebook is a great platform on which to contact interested users. It’s a great, non-aggressive form of communication, and many people prefer to message rather than to pick up the phone. What’s more, the instant nature of Messenger makes it far more efficient than old-fashioned emailing.

Don’t just take our word for it – Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging Survey found that 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. Messenger is a brilliant tool, and people now exchange 1 billion messages with businesses every month.

You can take advantage of Facebook Messenger by using the ‘send message’ post type. This is a great way to generate enquiries, and we have seen incredible results through running campaigns like this.

If you’re worried about missing messages, you can also set up an auto-response, so that anyone who contacts your page receives an instant reply. You can follow up these messages when you have the time to address them.

Monitor competitor posts

5. Monitor your competitor’s top posts

Here’s a sneaky way for you to keep tabs on your rivals. By utilising Facebook’s handy Insights section for your page, you can keep an eye on your competitors’ Facebook pages and their stand-out posts.

To use this feature, go to insights, and then scroll down to ‘pages to watch’. You’ll need to add some pages so that Facebook has data for this next part. You can add up to 100 pages to watch, so don’t worry about running out of space!

Once this is done, scroll back up and visit the ‘posts’ section on the left-hand menu. Then you’ll need to go to the ‘top posts from pages you watch’. This will show the top-performing posts from the pages that you added to your watch list.

This is a great way of seeing what works and what doesn’t, and you could steal some ideas to translate into your own content. Shh, don’t tell anyone ?.

If you don’t have time to make the most of these great features, it might be an idea to give Digital Media Team a call. We have great value social media management packages that suit all business industries and sizes. Call us today on 0800 808 9980.

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