7 Companies who Ace Social Media

Only seven days left in our countdown, Christmas is so close! Today we are talking about companies who know how to use social media to their advantage, so we have seven pop our favourites picked out and will be discussing what it is that makes them so great.

1. PureGym


Giveaways, online Q&A’s, health and fitness articles… PureGym knows how to grab the attention of their audience. Though they do seem to mirror their content on Facebook and Twitter, the content types are constantly varied with information which they know will be of interest to their customers, and their response time is fairly quick!

2. Virgin Trains


Virgin trains appear to be very friendly on their social media. Often Retweeting customer photos, travel information and fun goings on in the office! The twitter content is very frequent with live updates, whereas the Twitter is filled with promotions, adverts, events and competitions.

3. Nando’s


Nando’s appears to be rather playful when it comes to social media. Fun videos, creative promotions, not to mention constantly posting food photos to get mouths watering! Though Twitter and Facebook content seems to be mirrored, Twitter sometimes has a couple of extra posts with daily humour.

4. Iceland


Iceland gives its customers exactly what they want. Deals, video promotions working in partnership with other pages (Channel Mum is the latest example), competitions and creative graphics to grab the audiences attention, Iceland definitely knows its audience!

5. Aldi


Aldi are quite light hearted when it comes to their social media, but are also fairly informative. Christmas opening times are seen at the top of the page to keep the audience in the know, competitions (of course), and a variety of gifs using their own branding. Their Twitter is simple, yet filled with daily deals graphics, videos and more!

6. Airbnb


The social media from Airbnb will make you want to pack your bags and see the world! Their Facebook content is mostly photos of travel inspiration taken from Instagram accounts, but they get a lot of engagement! Their Twitter, on the other hand, is filled with articles and updates on partnerships, advertisements and updates on their charity. Surprisingly, the Twitter page has only a fraction of followers compared to Facebook likes!

7. Pizza Hut


The Content for Pizza Hut is rather similar to Nando’s, with lots of promotions and videos for the audience to enjoy, but the content doesn’t appear to me mirrored. The Facebook and Twitter, though have similar styles, don’t look very much alike when you compare them side by side. The Facebook focuses more on promotions, whereas the Twitter page focuses on the customers. They know which platform will get which response!

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