8 ways to get your Social Media Christmas Ready

T’is officially the season! The Christmas countdown has begun, which means if you haven’t set up your social media platforms for your business, you better get on it straight away! Don’t worry though, here at Digital Media Team, we have the masterplan to getting your business Christmas ready online!

1. Time for some new graphics


You don’t have to design an entire new logo and completely rebrand yourself, but you can take your current graphics and give them a Christmas feel with some simple editing. A Santa hat here, a snowman there, get creative and see what you come up with!

2. Deals and Festive Services


Does your business have any services which are could be cheaper for the Christmas period? Push it! Give people a reason to be excited by your services while they’re in the mood to spend.

3. What’s going on in the office?


You’re not just a screen with information, behind what your audience sees is a team of people working hard to deliver a service they will want. And, with Christmas on the way, you’ll be busy with your secret Santa’s, office parties and other festive activities, so why keep it to yourselves? Share a few photos and give your page a bit of personality!

4. Christmas Photos


Get your team together for a big group photo ready to wish your audience a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sometimes little posts like this can go a long way.

5. Christmas Videos


Want to step up the photo game? Send your audience a Christmas video instead!

6. Schedule your content


You don’t want to be worrying about your content once you’re closed for the holidays, so get any content lined up in advance so that you can relax.

7. Opening times


Make sure your opening times are posted so people know when/if you’re available around the holidays! It would be a good idea to pin it to the top so people don’t miss it too.

8. New Year – Get Teasing!


You might not want to give away too much about your plans for January, but it’s always a good idea to tease your audience so they know to expect something good. Have a few posts ready to keep peoples interest.

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