9 Social Media Content Ideas

While coming up with ideas for our countdown to Christmas, we realised that it can be really hard to stay consistent! So we thought it might be handy to provide you with content ideas to use on your own social media! And with nine days left, it can only mean we have nine options for you.

Behind The Scenes


Keep your audience interested with your business by sharing photos of anything interesting that’s going on, and make them feel like they’re part of the fun!

2. Stats and Data


Let people know the proof behind your success with infographics which include data for people to look at and learn from.

3. Random Tips


Working in finance? Sharing weekly tips to help your audience control their finances is a great way to keep them interested. This can also be applied to many industries, from cafes with baking tips, to recruitment companies with job searches.

4. Featured Fan Photos


This is great for the service industry. If someone shares a photo to your page to express how much they loved your food, re-share and tag them, thanking them for visiting your bar/restaurant!

5. Jump on Hashtags


Having a quiet day on Twitter? Take a look at what’s trending and jump in! You may end up starting a conversation which could spark attention.

6. Giveaways


Who doesn’t love a good giveaway! This is a great way to bring in more people to your page. Try to keep it as relevant as possible, or see if you can partner up with other local companies to not only share the competition, but also support each other!

7. Thank Your Audience


The reason why your business is doing so well isn’t just down to your products or services, but it’s down to their support! Give them a shoutout and thank them for being there to help your business grow.

8. Weekly Roundup


What’s been going on in your business sector this week? Give your audience a quick roundup of everything that they may have missed so they feel informed.

9. Charity Events


Is someone in your business running a marathon? Is your local community centre holding a fundraiser? Let the world know and show your support!

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