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An Image Is Worth A Thousand Keywords

Okay, maybe not a thousand. But still critical. Images on your website can be fantastic ways of inserting keyword rich content into your webpage. ALT tags? We’re way beyond ALT tags here. There’s another way to improve your search rank while also getting your marketing message across.

We’re fond of examples at Digital Media Team so let’s use one. Let’s say you sell train tickets. You want to optimise your page for the term “Trains to Aberdeen,” but you also wish to include a marketing message telling customers to “Book now and save 50%”. The solution is to place “Trains to Aberdeen” in a header tag and “Book now and save 50%” in an image.

This way, you score high on SEO for your keyword rich header, without sacrificing your marketing message. Combining keyword rich content and your persuasive message gives you the best of both worlds.

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