The Best Brand Reactions to Twitter’s 280 Character Roll Out

Despite a user backlash, Twitter has now rolled out its 280 character limit to all users, doubling the amount of characters each user has to play with. The platform tested the change back in September, to the disgust of its famously witty user base.

Many users complained that the change was taking away the whole point of Twitter (it kind of is), and said that it would ruin the platform. Twitter, however, have taken their test to be a success and rolled out the feature for everyone.

Stats from the 280 experiment showed that those with access to longer tweets only used the full 280 characters 2% of the time, and only went past the 140 character limit 5% of the time.

Twitter product manager said: “We – and many of you – were concerned that timelines may fill up with 280 character tweets, and people with the new limit would always use up the whole space, but that didn’t happen.”

Although we’re #Team140, Twitter’s change is only a change of the times though, really. The original 140 limit was set back when users tweeted were expected to tweet via SMS – text limits were 160 characters, so 140 left space for a username.

Here are some brands who have made the most of the 280 limit in the first few hours of it going live.

Manchester City

Okay, so the majority of the DMT office is red, but we can still appreciate this one… Well played City. 

Marvel UK

Enough said.


AC Milan

Now this is one that City can’t take advantage of.


The Mambo No. 5 thing is true – try it!


How many did you get right? We got at least 15!

What are your thoughts on the character limit change? Which side are you on?

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