Best Tweets of Super Bowl LII

The hype surrounding the Super Bowl is great, but as a Mancunian, each year brings about a tough decision between being fresh on a Monday morning or succumbing to the awesome parties taking place at sports bars across town. (Side note – all fresh in the DMT office but devastated that we missed one of the best games in Super Bowl history). However, one thing we can all enjoy is the social media frenzy that comes with the event, and the genius Tweets and memes that are created during the game. The Eagles might have won their first ever Super Bowl, but it was the internet who were the real winners. Here’s our round up of the funniest Tweets of Super Bowl LII.

1. #SelfieKid

When 13-year-old Ryan McKenna was snapped playing with his phone during Justin Timberlake’s half-time show, Twitter blew up and it wasn’t long until the teenager was trending. The young fan (who wasn’t even born when JT made his first infamous Super Bowl appearance alongside Janet Jackson), was seen fumbling through his phone as JT danced around him, but recovered well to snap a selfie with the singer. His likeness to a young JT surely can’t be a coincidence though…

2. Tom Brady’s Entrance Outfit

The Pat’s quarter back is no stranger to the Super Bowl, so it’s unsurprising that the veteran played up to the spectacle and arrived in a meme-worthy outfit. Looking more like Tom Cruise than Tom Brady, it’s a shame taking home the Lombardi Trophy for a record sixth time turned out to be a Mission Impossible (sorry).

3. Paddy Power Rules Once More

It  wouldn’t be an international sporting event without betting giant Paddy Power getting involved. They decided to have fun with the American fans by filming them reading out some gems from Scottish Twitter, and also filmed them reading out mean Tweets about American Football. Because, jokes aside, it’s not as good as real football is it?

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