Who Did It Better: Man Utd vs. Arsenal In The Social Media Battle Of The Transfers

In terms of unveiling videos, it doesn’t get much better than watching your new signing play ‘Glory, Glory Man Utd’ on a dramatically-lit piano. And that’s not just because we’re biased. The Sanchez unveiling video, posted at 6pm on Monday 22 January, is an artily-produced video that surely gave goosebumps to even the most cynical of fans. Watching Sanchez stare around Old Trafford in awe epitomises that boyhood dream that players cite after their dream moves. Whether United was Sanchez’ first choice can be questioned, sure, but he does a damn good job of looking humbled.

Mkhitaryan, who went in the other direction, was unveiled by Arsenal in a rather more understated way – fittingly for such a demure player. Arsenal simply shared an article announcing the Armenian midfielder’s arrival, exactly at 6pm, which excited the Gunners but was somewhat in the shadow of United’s slick production (again, totally not biased 👀).

mkhiNeither club has stopped banging on about it since the announcements, with both teams making the most out of the big news by sharing plenty of content across all platforms. It goes without saying that the Manchester club is the bigger presence on social – with over 110 million followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, compared to Arsenal’s 60 million. The Red Devils have also become quite notorious with their transfer announcements (remember #POGBACK?), so it’s no surprise that they wanted to cause a storm when announcing the Chilean’s arrival (and surely rustle a few of their blue rivals’ feathers).

United have won the social battle, with the Sanchez video attracting over 1.4m interactions in just two hours.

Sanchez social media stats

Whether Sanchez will live up to the hype remains to be seen – the 29 year old will have to make a huge impact to justify his ridiculous wage slip. We reckon Mkhi will fit right in at Arsenal, with Wenger’s careful approach helping the player’s sensitive nature. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be an interesting match when United next face the Gunners. We can’t wait to see how both number sevens fit in at their new clubs. Good luck lads!

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