How we broke the internet with Fruit & Fibre

Everyone loves cereal, right? A lunch time debate over breakfast foods spurred us into creating the cereal tier meme, following on from the success of the crisp tier that’s been knocking about for a good while now. (Salt & Vinegar Squares in the bottom tier, u mad bro?)

cereal tier

We took a poll in the office and threw in a few curve balls (Krave, anyone?), knowing full well that it would incite rage in a fiercely-loyal cereal loving audience. By jumping on a controversial topic and using an image style that people are familiar with, we knew we’d get a decent amount of engagement.

By promoting the post to a relevant audience we managed to cause a stir on our own Facebook and Instagram channels. We promoted the image to users aged between 16 and 32 who showed interest in sites such as LADBible, BuzzFeed, Reddit, and of course people who like memes.

Instagram stats

We produced some good stats on both Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook post reached 36,810 people and generated 729 reactions, comments and shares. It was clicked over 6,000 times. The Instagram ad was liked over 300 times.

Over the weekend things blew up further. A Twitter user who contributes to the like of BuzzFeed and LADBible posted the photo, and received over 1000 likes. LADBible ran a post about it, and it even appeared on The Sun’s website. The term ‘cereal tier’ even trended on Twitter.

It just goes to show that creating shareable content on social media is possible. If you pick a topic or theme that is currently being talked about and push that content out to the right people, chances are it’ll take off.

If you’d like the cereal-crunching content team at DMT to create something special for you, drop us a line at Catch us on Facebook and Twitter too.

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