How We Built a Quality LinkedIn Network that Generates Daily Leads

In just a matter of months, we’ve built a LinkedIn network with over 10,000 connections. What’s more, we’ve generated high quality business leads on a daily basis from these connections.

We’re going to teach you how you too can do the same.


Let’s go.

Optimised LinkedIn Profile


  1. Optimise Your Profile

When people click through to your profile, they’ll decide whether or not they want to connect to you within a matter of seconds.

They’ll be thinking:

Do they look like an expert in their field?

How can they help me?

If your profile looks the part, people are more likely to connect with you.

Here’s a quick checklist to follow:

  • Complete every section in full
  • Use a professional photo
  • Create a vanity URL (on your profile page, click edit your public profile & URL on the right hand side)
  • Get written recommendations from your colleagues and peers – aim for at least five
  • Add your skills and get endorsements
  • Optimise your profile for search engines
  • Use keywords in your heading
  • Add [projects, linking out where relevant
  • Join groups
  • Showcase any awards you may have received
  • Post relevant industry updates and content to your feed
  • Publish long-form articles


2. Auto-Connect to Thousands of Prospects En Masse

With just a few clicks, you can connect to hundreds of targeted prospects en masse.

Owners of 500+ employee businesses in the marketing industry?


Managing Directors of real estate companies in your region?


And what’s more, they’ll accept your connection request because your profile is optimised correctly.

Does all this sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. All you need to do is sign up for Digital Media Team’s inSurge service, which will expand your LinkedIn network infinitely (up to maximum of 30,000 connections).

The service  is fully-managed and will grow your network, fast. 

LinkedIn messageWhat’s more, inSurge will send a welcome message to each of your new contacts. Once you’ve sparked that initial conversation, you’ll be amazed at what kind of relationships can be formed in a short time. You don’t even need to lift a finger, just wait until the replies come in and then carry on the conversation from there.

Once your network has widened, it’s time to focus on your engagement.

LinkedIn content3. Post Quality Content to Provide Value

Nurture your vast network with valuable content that will make them sit up and take notice.

Make use of LinkedIn statuses to get yourself seen and heard. Statuses are quick to create and will earn you a generous reach once your network is expanded.

So, what makes a great status? It’s easy, once you know how. Each quality post starts with a problem, significant change, announcement, or credibility. Start strong, and finish well. You want to make people feel, and consequently engage with your post.

Practice your storytelling, and you’ll soon see results.

If you don’t have time to create quality LinkedIn posts, consider outsourcing your social media marketing. Putting your social media marketing in the hands of the experts will save you time and money, and you’ll reap the rewards.

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful network, and the majority of people are not using it to its full potential. If you implement these three key actions, you’ll soon realise that LinkedIn is an invaluable source for lead generation. Get started today and within weeks you’ll be a LinkedIn superstar. Speak to the inSurge team today on 0800 808 9980.

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