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Can SEO And Branding Get Along?

When figuring out your company strategy, it can be tough to marry SEO and branding. One of the core principles of branding strategy is figuring out the company tone of voice. Your style of speech in communications conveys a message about your company. Are you going for a professional or personal tone? Do you use a lot of alliteration or low amounts? Tone of voice is vital to the image of your brand. So you perfect your tone of voice. Now it’s time to consider your SEO. This is where the issues arise.

Maintaining your tone of voice can be difficult when writing effective SEO. It’s unlikely that the most searched for terms fit with your tone of voice. These are the terms you need to use in your page titles; using synonyms to maintain your tone of voice just doesn’t work. Meta descriptions are fair game as they do not rely on specific keywords. Maybe it’s time to accept that ToV and SEO aren’t the best of friends. However there is still a place for branding in SEO.

When strategizing your SEO, you’re choosing who to target. Your customer base becomes an arm of your brand. If you choose to go for terms such as “cheap” or “offers,” the brand will be indirectly affected by this. You’re the guys that offer cheap deals, not high-quality products.

Your SEO strategy will vary depending on the size of your company. If you’re still up and coming, it may be better to focus on getting clicks by targeting the long tail of the market. Aim for customers who are on the verge of making a purchase, searching for specific terms.
Regardless of the size of a company, trading on brand name alone is dangerous. It’s likely that you’re at the top for people searching for your brand, it is you after all! Companies still need to target the general market with keyword rich page titles.

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