DMT Spotlight: Daz

Darren Hughes

 In a rather special edition of our Digital Media Team employee spotlight, we spoke to one of our two Managing Directors, Darren, to see what makes him tick. The results were, erm, interesting! Let’s hear from the man himself. (Warning: Dad jokes ahead.)

Hi Daz! Can you tell us a bit about your position at DMT?

Usually sat at a desk.

What attracted you to the company?

The M.D, like a bald George Clooney.

What kind of challenges do you face in your role?

4 flights of stairs – no good for your hips and knees.

What’s the best bit about your role?

The sausage in the middle.

Darren Hughes

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

All of it!

If you were a social media platform, which one would you be and why?

The one with the thumbs up logo thingy, forgot what it’s called?

Finally, what advice would you give to anyone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Stop following me you weirdo!

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