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At Digital Media Team we specialised in helping businesses succeed online. Our specialised eCommerce team have the skills to make your eCommerce store really fly. Want to make your clothes fly from your warehouse shelves? Have an ebook you want to sell? No problem. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

ECommerce can be tough, let Digital Media Team take care of your social media advertising so you can focus on everything else! Let us know your budget, and we'll work out your demographics, design your adverts, and optimise them while they're running to make sure you're getting the best from your campaigns. 

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(We made our client £90.62 for every £1 they gave us)


We never advertised on Social Media or online before. After talking through the benefits with Digital Media Team we decided to run an initial campaign to test the waters with a smaller budget. We started making sales immediately and they exceeded all of our expectations by far. We now run a much larger monthly campaign, which we hope to increase again as soon as we’re able to cope with the demand, which is a great situation to be in. Highly recommend to any business, Digital Media Team really helped take our eCommerce site to the next level.

After our first weekend advertising on Social Media with Digital Media Team we couldn’t believe the results, after smashing our sales targets in a day we’ve immediately increased our ad spend. After discussing our goals with them they did everything, prepared our advertising demographics, and even helped designing the ad imagery. We were already advertising on Social Media in house, but our sales increased over night. Happy to leave our advertising for the professionals to do.

Our specialised eCommerce team are twiddling our thumbs just waiting to start making your eCommerce business money. Get in touch with our sales team today to find out about how we can help your eCommerce business:

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