eCommerce Stats


We were tasked with creating an advertising campaign for an eCommerce store with a modest ad spend. We decided the best way to spend this budget was to split the budget into an eye catching carousel ad, and a dynamic product display ad using the retargeting abilities of the Facebook platform, working closely with the website developers to correctly set up the website analytics necessary to make the campaign work.

For the cold audience we were able to turn the £450 allocated ad spend into over £10,000 of sales - that's a 2126% ROI.

For the retargeting campaign we turned £343.61 into over £60,000 of sales - that's a ROI of 17916%!!!

All of that in just 2 days. You can check out the scale of the campaign below:

Unbelievable results!

We know right?

It's pretty amazing what is possible with a well timed, and properly set up advertising campaign on social media. 

Those results mean that for every £1 our client gave us, we generated £90.62 -  a crazy return of 8962%! Not bad value hmm? It's almost as if we're giving away free money, we're just that kind.

Since we're living in a visual world here's another infographic to whet your whistle:

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Of course we don't expect you to simply take our word for it, so we've taken a screenshot showing the numbers from our Facebook Dashboard.

... Yup, pretty much!

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