Facebook Launches Job Listings Feature in the UK

We’re not overreacting here, this is an absolute GAMECHANGER. Recruiters, make sure you’re sitting down…

Facebook’s jobs feature has now been rolled out to the UK, allowing businesses to post job openings on their Facebook pages. Applications can be easily tracked, and potential employees contacted via Facebook Messenger.

It’s a twist on Messenger Ads, but with a far more structured set up. Interested candidates will be able to hit the ‘Apply Now’ button, and a form will pop up, not too dissimilar to the lead generation form you may be familiar with using.

job form

The great thing about this is that Facebook autofills candidate data from their personal profile, but the candidate will be able to add, delete or amend any of the details. Hiring managers will be able to add additional questions to the form, allowing them to find out more information about the applicants.

The one downside is that candidates can’t attach a CV to their application, but we suggest responding to any applications with a welcome message and a contact email for the applicant to send their CV and any supporting documents across to.

So the question is, with Facebook rolling out a job feature, should LinkedIn be worried? Well, yes and no. Facebook and LinkedIn are two very different platforms, targeting completely different audiences. LinkedIn is a platform best suited to those actively looking for jobs, whereas Facebook jobs will be ideal for targeting passive candidates.

How Digital Media Team Can Make Job Listings Work For Your Business

Although job listings can simply be posted to your page’s wall for your page audience to see, the whole point of this feature is to use it with Facebook advertising to hit your target demographic.

job post

We have a wealth of experience in working with recruitment companies, and have seen brilliant results when posting job adverts in the past. This new feature helps streamline the process, giving our clients an easy way of tracking their applications.

If you’re a recruiter, you really need to be using Facebook to its full capacity. Our knowledge, skills and experience could really set your social presence alight.

To Summarise….

The addition of yet another strong feature displays just how much Facebook really is a ‘one-stop social media platform’. It doesn’t really specialise in any one aspect of social media, instead being a jack of all trades somewhat, but getting everything pretty spot on.

This powerful feature cements the fact that recruitment companies need to be on Facebook, and perhaps lessens the importance of LinkedIn to smaller firms who may have smaller budgets.

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