Finance Can Be Fun!

When it comes to the financial sector, a lot of people worry that it doesn’t lend itself well to social media. Well, we’ve got a number of financial clients on board, and we can tell you that a little bit of personality goes a long way.

Rather than simply posting about industry news and financial tips, it’s crucial that you show your customers your lighter side. You don’t have to stray too far out of your comfort zone, but remember that you are offering a personal service – so people want to see what YOU are all about.

One of our clients, Opal Financials, decided to run a pancake contest for Shrove Tuesday. They decided to be cheeky with their name – see what you think of the post below…

Opal tossers

They received brilliant stats from the post, reaching over 1000 people and generating over 400 clicks – all organically. They’ve connected with their audience, showed their lighter side, and made people smile. See – finance can be fun!

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