Go Live! How Facebook Can Be Used For Any Business

Happy New Year everyone! The DMT team are so excited to be back in the office, and we have fresh content for you to enjoy. So to kick start the year, we’re talking about our new best friend to social media, Facebook Live! Since blowing up over the past year, Facebook Live has become a great tool for getting your business seen. The only question is, depending on your business, what can you do with it?


Cafes and patisseries have so much opportunity with Facebook Live. From cake decorating to latte art, you can livestream so much that goes on behind the scenes! Talk to your audience about what you’re doing as you do it, and give tips along the way.



Who doesn’t love a cocktail? Take advantage of your bartending skills with a live broadcast tutorial. Make a classic, or let people in on the secret of your restaurants signature drink! Better yet, let your audience decide what you will make!



Are you a local retailer with a new product coming to your store? Get your customers excited with a live unboxing of the product as a way to promote it and start a discussion!



Taxi companies can have fun when it comes to Facebook Live, and it’s a perfect opportunity to run a competition. Have one of your taxi drivers livestream themselves in their car at a secret location and have them give clues to where they might be. The first person to comment the current location is the winner!

Mortgage Brokers/Financial Advisors


Hey, no one said that personal finance is fun, but it’s important. A live Q&A is a great way to answer any questions people may have before applying for that dream mortgage.

Estate Agents


What’s a great way to advertise a house? Hold a livestream walkthrough! Photos are great, but with Facebook Live you can show the house online as though you were showing it face to face, and discuss the interiors as you move.



Another opportunity for a Q&A session, and a great time to bust those CV writing myths! By holding a careers Q&A, you can provide guidance for those who have a couple of queries about their CV while promoting your business.

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