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What Google I/O Means for Mobile PPC and SEO

Tech conferences can be divided into two. There’s the announcements that we’ll use and the announcements to impress us. In the first column, we’ve got Google Assistant, Allo & Duo, and Instant Apps. On the impressive side, Google showed off Daydream VR and Google Home, an Amazon Echo competitor. We’re going to focus on the useful side today.

Google Assistant

Assistant is the major one. It centres on making Google Search more conversational. Yep, #ConvComm is coming to Search. Users can interact with Google Assistant, asking a series of questions that make it easy to find film reviews and order food.

The great thing about Assistant: it offers everything. As more and more conversational bots appear for Facebook Messenger, it’s clear we’re going to get a little cluttered. Who wants thirty bots for thirty jobs when one can do it all? Sorry Poncho…

This announcement fits nicely with the Gboard, a recent addition to the iPhone keyboard that makes it easy to search Google from inside an app and to copy/paste into your Messenger/WhatsApp conversation.

SEOs have a major task ahead – figure out how the damn thing works. This isn’t just an Android version of Siri; Assistant changes the way we search. Companies now have to consider an entirely new flow of behaviour, based on the function of a bot.

Google Allo

Allo is a new messaging app. I think we all had the same reaction. After countless failed attempts from Google to create a social space, they’re at it again. There’s one major issue with creating a new messaging app. All your friends already use WhatsApp. Why switch over to a new app that no one’s on?

Okay, that might be a little unfair. Allo has a few nice features, particularly this:

google allo change size gif

Strange that this isn’t a thing yet

Expect Messenger and WhatsApp to steal it soon. There’s also a great option for anyone who doesn’t actually want to talk to their friends. Allo offers a few example responses in certain situations, such as when your friends ask if you’re free. I hope one day to entirely automate all of my personal conversations.

google allo responses

To be fair, no one cares about other people’s kids

It was implied during the reveal of Allo that the app would learn from your speech and these responses would adapt to how you write. Slated for a Summer release, expect the internet to be full of pictures of amusing responses suggested by Allo, as the app learns to swear.

We’ll have to wait and see how Allo works for businesses. My guess is that, using Google My Business pages, Allo will be able to offer information on your company, but will not offer business profiles. But that won’t matter as I’m also guessing that Allo won’t be a hit.

Instant Apps

This has potential. In-app content will appear in search results, or when you’re sent a link, without having the app installed.

google instants apps seo ppc

Instant Apps, in all its glory

Early reports claim that the apps load quickly, though Google have only worked with a number of publishers so far. The big question is how this affects a site’s quality score. Assuming site speed isn’t an issue, will companies find a lower cost per click when directing to an in-app site? And will the app outrank your main site in organic search?

Inkling: Mobile search is going to be built on Instant Apps. The landing page experience is designed specifically for mobile, something that Google’s bots are going to love. If Adwords allows Instant Apps as final URLs, they’ll be the mobile advertising targets. It doesn’t change PPC advertising and organic search on desktop, but mobile and tablet search looks set dramatically change.

There are a few futuristic shots from I/O of people using Android Pay through Instant Apps. Above is a test clip of a parking meter being paid for through Instant Apps. It’s simple, easy, and there’s no reason to waste space on your phone with single-use apps.

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