Greater Manchester Tram Network Rent Map 2017

Metrolink 2017

You might have spotted our Manchester Metrolink Rent Map that we published back in 2015. Since then, house prices have been on the rise and cost of living has increased, so we wondered just how the stats would differ if we were to run our study again.

It’s been well publicised that rental costs in Manchester and Salford are some of the fastest increasing in the country, so we thought that this, coupled with Metrolink’s 25 year anniversary, was reason enough to create an updated version of the map.

As you can see from our findings, rental costs on the whole have risen across Greater Manchester, with the biggest average increase taking place in the Salford area, closely followed by the city centre.

When people across the country are struggling to afford deposits to buy their own homes, is it really fair that landlords and estate agents are upping rental costs and fees year upon year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or contact us on Facebook.

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