Instagram adds interactive polls to Stories

In its latest (successful) attempt to storm ahead of Snapchat, Instagram has addeda feature allowing users to conduct interactive polls within Stories.

The fun feature is easy to use, and is available to all users, whether your profile is personal or business. To use the feature, simply follow these three steps:

  1. Take an Instagram story photo or video, as you normally would
  2. Swipe up to open the Stickers feature. And select ‘poll’
  3. Type in your poll question and answers
  4. Post your story and wait for the responses to come in
Instagram polls

We’re big fans of Instagram, and this latest feature proves that the platform is constantly evolving – just as all successful companies need to do. It’s no surprise that the number of Instagram users continues to grow and grow.

The polls are also are a great feature for businesses who want to gather data from their audience. You can ask your followers which of your products they prefer, or what decision your brand should make. Be creative – the options are endless!

Here are some handy tips for using the feature:

  • You can only use one poll per story
  • The yes/no field can be any A/B question
  • Use the blue lines to centre your sticker, or ensure it’s not blocking the image
  • There’s a character limit of 27 characters per field

Check out DMT on Instagram to see this feature in action!

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