Do Instagram Filters Signal The End For Snapchat?

In yet another blow for Snapchat, Instagram Stories has just added an eerily similar feature – augmented reality selfie filters. Should Snapchat be quivering in its narcissistic boots?

For science!

What is it?

The latest Instagram update has seen eight initial ‘face filters’ introduced to Instagram Stories, allowing you to add pointless decorations such as bunny ears, princess crowns and nerd glasses to you and your friends in photos or videos.

Haven’t Instagram been copying Snapchat a lot?

Yeah, pretty much. In fact, facial filters were the only major Snapchat Stories missing from Instagram, as they brought in the slideshow-sharing format, overlaid creative tools, disappearing direct messages and more. The change is unlikely to please Snapchat, who are already falling behind in the numbers rank, with just 166 million total users in comparison to Instagram’s 200 million daily Stories users. Ouch.

What else did the update bring?

It’s not just filters. The new update sees a ‘rewind’ mode for videos, allowing users to create clips that play backwards, as well as a new hashtag sticker which takes your viewers to a page of related content with just a simple tap. We kinda like this bit tbh.

Additionally, a new eraser brush has arrived, allowing users to erase drawings. As well as allowing users to correct mistakes, it also opens a new style of image. Instagram suggests covering your entire image with one colour then selectively erasing sections to reveal the photo underneath. Fancy.

So is the future bleak for Snapchat?

Instagram’s 700 million monthly users are choosing the app for a reason, and there’s no denying that Instagram is king of the photo apps. By introducing Stories back in 2016, Instagram crippled Snapchat user growth by 82%. This latest update could be the final nail in the Snapchat coffin. Well, it was fun while it lasted guys. (PRAISE THE LORD FOR NO MORE DOG FACES).

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