Introduction To Facebook Pixels

Since returning to the DMT office this January, the team have been taking some new approaches to getting the most for their clients through social media. One approach in particular, is the Facebook pixel. Not sure what a pixel can do for your business? Let us talk you through it.

Using the Facebook pixel, we have the ability to leverage the actions people take on your website across devices to implement more effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

With the Facebook Pixel you can:

  • Create audiences based on who has visited your website, or interacted in any way with your adverts. e.g. Create a new audience from anyone who has visited your website’s home page. These people are likely to be more interested in your brand than a cold audience would.
  • Track specific actions to see how well your adverts are performing. eg. If your customers are only getting so far down the sales funnel, you can use pixel tracking to figure out any problems.
  • Create better-performing adverts through optimisation. e.g. Better understanding of your adverts and why they work (or don’t) allows you to fine-tune your campaigns to see better results going forward.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 10.30.59

Facebook Pixels help you convert your website’s visitors into business.

From the above example you can see a 7 day stats chart with a breakdown of web pages by number of visitors. We could then create a unique advert targeting each page’s visitor.

So from the 38 people who visited the page “Best Mortgage Deals 2017”, we could then advertise to these people via Facebook with an offer to try convert these into leads.

Now you know the pros of adding a pixel, why not see how Digital Media Team can use it to help you grow your business! Contact us today to find out more.

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