It’s The Little Things

When it comes to social media, a small post can go a long way. We recently started working with Sterling Partnership – an experienced mortgage broker based in the town of Beverley in Yorkshire. Before we started working together, Sterling were struggling to post regularly on their Facebook account, and told us that they simply didn’t have the time. Their following was small, and we knew we needed to grow it significantly.


We decided to run a competition to boost engagement and page likes, and so decided to run a page like competition, giving away a restaurant voucher. Robert from Sterling suggested that we pick Cerutti 2 – a traditional Italian restaurant local to their office. Robert said he would pick up a £100 voucher, giving us a generous prize to offer the entrants.

Cerutti competition

The reaction to the competition was brilliant – we received over 200 likes and shares on the post, and grew Sterling’s audience by over 100. What’s more, Sterling became the talk of the town, as word of the competition circulated. Robert Peck’s comments said it all:


Robert Peck quote

It just shows – one simple gesture can but a small business in the spotlight. We look forward to seeing how our relationship with Sterling progresses in the future. It’s been a fantastic start!


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