KFC Crisis: The Best Reactions

What a clucking mess. The great chicken shortage of 2018 is a legend we’ll end up telling our grandchildren, as the fast food giant was forced to close two-thirds of its UK stores. It’s pretty unheard of, running out of your one main product, and the chaos that ensued as the saga rolled on has been nothing short of genius.

The disaster came about a week after KFC switched to a new delivery supplier (note to our clients – switching to another provider causes nothing but headaches 😉), with the supplier’s computer system failing. Someone’s getting fired. Or could this be the work of a competitor? #KentuckyFriedConspiracy…


Twitter were the first to react, with the hashtag #KFCCrisis blowing up immediately. When people began to realise it wasn’t just a one day problem, that’s when things got real. Scotland Yard has even had to issue a warning telling chicken-lovers not to call the police.

Other brands have jumped at the chance to profit from the disaster, with the likes of Quorn and top-drawer trollers Iceland weighing in.


However, instead of flapping, they’ve come back fighting. KFC’s PR team deserve a round of applause as, after the week from hell, they issued a full-page apology to their customers in Friday’s issues of the Metro and The Sun. It’s been lauded as a masterclass in PR crisis management. Quite. 


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