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Kim Jong-un’s Social Network Koreas Out Of Control

Everyone’s on the lookout for the latest hot social network. Snapchat, Facebook Live, Periscope have each had their 15 minutes of fame, driven by Jet Ski excursions, puddles and Chewbacca masks. Now there’s a new contender.

social media clickbait

Starcon’s beautiful login page

North Korea have thrown their hat into the ring. Starcon is a Facebook competitor, offering users the opportunity to share their memories, connect with others and make new friends. How that works in North Korea, who knows…

For all the people that miss the old Facebook timelines, Starcon is a dream. It’s a straight up clone of 2011 FB, with all the dull features and naff Facebook designs that we’ve rightly forgotten. Using phpDolphin, a social network creation platform, North Korea have designed a “Facebook like website for as low as $43,” or ₩38,700, to use the correct currency.

low price social media management

Deals like this, no wonder Kim Jong-un bought it

Don’t get too excited though. Right now, is down. While the North Korean servers may be to blame, it’s more likely that a load of hacking attempts caused more damage.

It’s not even like Starcon was difficult to hack. Watching a demo video for phpDolphin, an 18-year-old Scottish student spotted that the default username and password combo was admin and password. Taking a punt, @mckeany_ entered the default login and gained admin access to the network.

Perusing the backend of the site, @mckeany_ could delete users, create adverts and even see Starcon’s true name: “Best Korea’s Social Network.” In dry fashion, @mckeany_ set ads to run with the following message:

advert social media

@mckeany_’s Starcon advert

It’s unlikely that Best Korea’s Social Network will see the light of day again, but hey, it lasted longer than Peach.

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