New Year, New Social Media

With 2017 on the way, the whole world will be talking about starting fresh. “New year, new me!” You’ll see at least five times on your Facebook and Twitter feed, and you might feel it’s a good opportunity for yourself. But what about your social media presence? Not just personal, maybe your business could do with a bit of a spruce up too. Digital Media team have put together the perfect guide for refreshing your presence in both areas.



Clear out your friends

Okay, so you have over six hundred friends on your Facebook list, aren’t you popular!? But have a think… How many of those friends do you actually have contact with? Now is probably a good time to go through your list and see who it’s time to say goodbye to.

Tagged Photos

Chances are you’ve been tagged in photos which you’d rather not be in. This is the perfect opportunity to go through them and remove yourself from any which appear unpleasant. It’s also a great trip down memory lane!

Liked pages

You probably don’t realise how many unnecessary pagers you’re following, so clear them out! You’ll feel less bombarded with irrelevant posts about articles and pages you don’t actually care about.

Games and Apps

Time to put an end to all those games and apps you don’t use, but who have permissions on your page. You might be shocked to discover just how many apps and games have access to your account while you’re no longer using them.


There’s too many. Leave them.

Digital Business


If you run your own Facebook or Twitter page, The new year is the best opportunity to freshen up your branding.


Time for a new profile image and cover photo! You don’t have to change your logo (though it might be a good idea), but you could change the graphics you’ve created to go onto your social media platforms.


Has anything about your business changed in the past year? Any new features people should know about? Are there any services you are no longer offering? Your information should be changed to go with these. Have a look and see what could be changed or added.


What content normally goes out on your page? Maybe it’s time to have a look and see if it’s time to put a new content strategy in place. Have a look at your competitors pages to see what you might be missing!

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