New Year, New Us

2018 has started with a bang for DMT, with many exciting projects on the horizon! We’ve all just about recovered from the Christmas party, and we were back in work on the 2nd fresh-faced (sort of) and ready to go. The tail-end of 2017 was very successful for us a company, and we’ve gone into the new year with just as much momentum and passion. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to and the projects that are just around the corner.

Sweet Beginnings

We’ve recently started work on a brand new client – a confectionery company who sells US sweets and snacks via their online store. The client has a fresh new look and are launching a new online store, and need a big social push to help raise awareness of their brand. It’s a brilliant project, and it’s something the team have been more than happy to get stuck into! (We’ve been on a sugar high all week).

Tim has been busy taking photos and videos of the products all week, and he’s really been able to develop in his new role as Content Developer. Here’s his thoughts on the project: 

“I could be the luckiest person in the world right now since our latest client sent me two giant packages FULL of sweets, so for the past week, I have been taking photos of sweet and tasting them (of course). I can’t wait for the site to go live so that I can buy some of my favourite sweets so far i.e Pringles Honey mustard and Fanta berry.”


Good Intentions

We asked the team if they had any new year’s resolutions, work-related or otherwise, and whether they’d kept up with them. Here are some of the answers…

Matt Britton: My only resolution was to try stop leaving socks around the house as much, and to moisturise more. Keeping both of them up so far.

Chris: Mine was to post gaming videos to YouTube three times per week, and I’ve kept to it!

Lynn: My resolution was to eat less cheese. It’s been hard with all of the leftover cheese from Christmas, and I have been sneaking small pieces when I make the kids’ lunches. I guess I’m a secret cheese eater – but if no one sees it, it doesn’t count!

Ben Young: I’ve quit smoking and I’m doing Dry January. I’ve only drank one under duress from the family, I wanted to smoke that night but I didn’t. Also I’ve made a pact to give Tom exactly double the amount of grief on a daily basis than I did last year. (It’s going well).

Kirsty: I’ve quit smoking and I’m also doing Veganuary. I love the vegan diet, and I’ve only had one (drunk) cigarette since New Year’s. Successful so far!

Social Media Agency Perks in AltrinchamFitness First

The worst thing about January is the fact that all the gyms are absolutely rammed with people trying to turn over a new leaf. Luckily we’ve got our own gym at DMT HQ, and we’ve been making good use of it since we returned from our Christmas break. The gym’s been used each and every day so far this year, and we’ve been making mad gainz. Which way to the beach?

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