Print Vs Digital Marketing – Which Is Right For Your Business? Part Two

As promised, here’s part two of our look at digital and conventional marketing. You can find part one here.

Measuring your methods

Online, it’s much simpler to measure your success and much easier to adapt to what works better and improve your results. You can encourage the response you want from a Facebook advertisement or post, whether that response is filling out a form on a landing page, visiting your website, or liking or sharing your post on social platforms. Facebook Business Manager enables conversion tracking and measures goals and engagement along the way.

Facebook - Flexible & Dynamic

Facebook Business Manager’s objective options

Compare this to measuring newspaper or television reach. How do you track who took the time to read your newspaper ad? Or who switched over the TV channel or radio when your advert came on? If sales increase at on a certain day, you can’t be positively sure it was down to the traditional advertising you invested in.

Facebook’s ability to track results fills a gap previously lacking with other methods. And the results are in real time – you don’t need to wait for the overnight ratings. Everything can be captured, reported and honed for success, in turn refining your strategy.

Developing your brand & staying relevant

Traditional methods will stay relevant when developing a brand as they play a huge part in building local market awareness and your business’s identity and recognition. Social media channels add more value as they develop and strengthen an online presence.


Use advertising to drive consumers to your site and continue their research process. Use electronic advertisements to help you build a web presence, as they are not one-dimensional. Despite them existing for as long as you pay for them, generating links to your website will have a long-term effect, pushing you higher in the search engines. Your business will reap the benefits long after the advert has stopped running.

For small businesses or start-ups with lower budgets, these cheaper methods can tide you over until those more expensive advertising strategies are within budget.

Interacting with customers

Social media platforms make it easy to communicate with current and prospective customers, allow for direct contact between the audience and the business and let individuals connect with each other more personally than traditional methods. What’s more, they are a valuable source to understand audience preferences and likes.

facebook outreach community interaction

Use your social pages to provide customer support

The biggest disadvantage of traditional marketing is that it is unable to interact. But if your business uses your social media to do the interaction, to form the relationships, or even have customer service enquiries answered, it’s doing what your other strategies aren’t.

Accessibility and aesthetics

Hopefully, we don’t need to remind you of statistics here that concern social media usage and the quick growth of online advertising. The accessibility of smartphones is unprecedented and has completely reshaped how we consume media. As the leading medium, your business should be reaching out to people where they are. Facebook.


Even Facebook are maintaining their conventional ads

By putting yourself within that sphere, you can compete with other companies regardless of their size, where you would struggle to match larger competitors elsewhere. Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it.

Some simple psychology: with interactive, attractive and effective advertising, customers are more likely to remember, interact and in turn buy your product and service. Couple a user focused website with a consistent monthly online marketing investment and you’re well on your way to building the best possible brand.

social media marketing valentine's day

Marmite used Facebook to make purchasing easier

This doesn’t mean you need to hire an in-house graphic designer or book a Photoshop course. Read our Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing blog to learn how to work your way around that.

Even if your business doesn’t sell online, for example, you’re a restaurant – your restaurant can be found online. Your customers are researching for restaurants in the area, they’re browsing menus and prices. You are giving your target audience the information and answers they seek. You just can’t put your menu in the newspaper.

Examples of businesses that have used both together

Well, Facebook itself spends money on traditional advertising for one. If the world’s biggest social media platform believes in traditional forms of advertising, we’re not going to turn our backs on it.


Two sevens in the third from bottom row

Here’s a small print advert I took from today’s Metro. This is a good example of blending traditional and digital marketing. It encourages interaction with a competition in the name of a company – St Pancras International. They ask you to tweet your drawing for your chance to enter with the hashtag #summersketch and plug their Twitter handle.

It’s strategically placed on a page of the newspaper where someone is more likely to be using a pen, too. I didn’t have a go at sketching as I’ve only got a green pen on my desk, and I spent too much time completing the easy Sudoku on my break.

Here’s another. Bronx Men’s Shoes in South Africa installed a six-meter high billboard of a man’s face.


This clever campaign combines the two for maximum customer interaction

The billboard asked for likes on Facebook, and in return, the man’s beard grew. This built up a following on Facebook, developed the brand and gave customers’ something to remember. This was run by a creative agency and involved motors, ropes, a webcam for people to watch the beard-growth and Facebook integration.

How to start building a digital marketing strategy

Decision time. Do you continue to spend significant amounts of money on traditional, comfortable forms with less profit, or bite the bullet and give digital marketing strategies a try alongside them?

Give people a reason to visit your social pages, your website, and your physical store by taking a holistic approach and creatively incorporating digital marketing into your business.

If you need some help with digital marketing, or simply don’t have the time to maintain a campaign, get in touch with Digital Media Team today on 0800 808 9980 for a free consultation on what we can do to boost your business and take your marketing to another level. You can also get a free quote by using the contact form at the top of this page. For the latest social media information and digital strategy, follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

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