Introducing Snapchat Memories

Snapchat’s got a new feature, so the tech world is going crazy. Every time Evan Spiegel speaks it seems like a thousand blog posts are published.

We’re going to take you through the new features, how they’ll affect the app, and if there’s any business use. (Hint: there is).

The main event: Saving photos

Memories functions like a photo album. Snapchat has allowed users to save photos for a while, but the pictures always disappeared into your camera roll. Now, they go to one, searchable spot. And yep, stories can now be saved.

Here’s an important point. Snapchat isn’t going to automatically save your snaps. You’ve got to hit the little Memories button. This is a really big point. Snapchat’s defining detail was disappearing pictures, so any auto-save would’ve killed their USP.

Snapchatters that just send stupid joke photos aren’t losing anything through the addition of Memories. Additionally, people that used Snapchat to chart their life can now save their favourite moments. No pain, all gain.

Create new Snapchat stories

Inside Memories, users can start new Snapchat stories. This has a few applications, and Snapchat push people towards all the romantic applications it could have. You could create a special anniversary story! Yeah, I’ll definitely be using that.

Forget all that personal stuff. Let’s talk business. Being able to create retrospective stories makes it so much easier for companies to take part in Snapchat. You’ll also have much more control over what goes into your story.

memories search

How searching Memories will look

Think of it this way. Your Snapchat story used to be set in the past 24 hours. Now, it’s set whenever you want. A year in the life of one of your customers, or detail a week of excitement centred on your latest product reveal. These stories are now possible.

There’s a really smart advert doing the rounds right now. Use it as your inspiration. Virgin Media’s Be the Fastest ad with Usain Bolt is one and a half minutes, broken down into 9.58 second bites (his world record time).

The ad does a great job of combining loads of different 9 second moments. 9 seconds of Jamaican people watching the race and going nuts. 9 seconds of Bolt training and hitting the gym. 9 seconds of young Usain running.

Treat your Snapchat stories like this. Use each of the 10 second video segments to convey a feeling, all of which relates to the central goal of your online marketing. Right, back to features.

Users can add photos taken on other apps to their story

There’s not really a snappy way of putting that announcement. Your story can now include photos that aren’t from Snapchat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 14.19.24john boyega snapchat

John Boyega’s Instagram vs Snapchat. Totally different things

I don’t know how popular this will be. Instagram photos, old shots from your camera roll, they’re just going to look out of place. We wouldn’t recommend it to businesses. Keep your story full of Snapchat photos.

It’s just like linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Posts to the two are totally different. If you’re still doing that, stop. Stop now. Seriously. It’s awful.

My eyes only

Not really a useful addition for business, but we promised to take you through the whole update. Users can set their saved Snapchats to My Eyes Only. Anything saved under this section is password protected.

my eyes only

Try 2580. It’s always 2580

Basically, it’s so that friends using your phone can’t find any rude pictures you’ve saved. As I said, pretty useless for businesses. Got it? Good. Next!

Your primary photo app

It’s pretty likely that a lot of smartphone users will start using Snapchat as their go-to photo taking app. Memories makes it easy to save and search through your photos. Why bother with a bog standard camera app when Snapchat offers everything and more?

This means there’ll be a lot of very committed users logging into the app every day. Committed users means increased interest across all areas of the app. More users will be using Discover (read more about Snapchat Discover here), more users will be seeing paid promotional ads and, most importantly, more users will be engaging with businesses on the app.

snapchat memories

Ugh, that couple are too good looking. Their snaps are nothing like mine

Also, think of who this update appeals to. Snapchat already has the youth market sewn up, that’s a given. Snapchat Memories now offers a useful photograph cataloguing service to people over the age of 25. The younger demographic of Snapchat users scared off a lot of business users. An influx of older users looks set to make Snapchat workable for a range of new industries.

The update is rolling out over the next couple of months, so don’t expect to see it as soon you open the app. For any digital marketing business strategy, stay tuned to the Digital Media Team blog by following us on Twitter or liking our Facebook page.

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