3 Great Vegan Restaurants in Manchester

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Veganuary is in full swing and, according to the charity who coined the phrase, around 80,000 people have chosen to give a vegan diet a shot this January. Whether you’re a meat eater, veggie, ‘flexitarian’ or a plant-lover, there’s no harm in going for a vegan meal once in a while. Plant-based food has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and veggies and vegans now have far more choice than they did even just a decade ago. Manchester has loads of great options for those leading a vegan diet, so we’ve listed our three favourite vegan-friendly eateries in and around the city. Get ready to have food envy (we’re hungry already).

1. Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen

Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen can be found in the suburb of Withington, and is a bit of a hidden gem. Although it’s off-the-beaten track, foodies from far and wide will travel to the Chinese restaurant due to the quality of the food – which is all vegan or veggie. The one thing that really sets it apart from other restaurants is the sheer size of the menu – it’s huge! Lotus prides itself on its varieties of mock meats, which range from mock crispy duck and ribs right through to mock fish and even eel! It really does need to be tried to be believed – these mock meats are so similar to the real thing that you could easily be fooled. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s well worth it for a treat. We recommend the crispy ‘duck’ and the satay chicken. Delicious!

Great Manchester Vegan Restaurant

2. V Rev Vegan Diner

Vegan junk food restaurant V Revolution was a vegan haven on Oldham Street, and thanks to its success closed its doors before reopening at a larger site on Edge Street. Now with the shortened moniker of V Rev, the diner offers eaters a wide menu of naughty but nice vegan junk food. It’s a haven for plant-eaters who look to the likes of Almost Famous and Solita with green eyed jealousy, as the dirty burgers, hot dogs and loaded fries are just as monstrous as their meaty alternatives. This one’s a bit more for actual vegans, as meat eaters might be put off by the unusual textures of the mock meats. It’s tasty nevertheless – we recommend the Young Money Kenan & Kale burger (what a name) and the Buffalo Ranch loaded fries. Prepare to get messy.

Great Manchester Vegan Restaurant

3. Bundobust

Colourful Bundobust has disrupted the food scene in Leeds and done so well that it opened a second branch in Manchester. Everyone who visits the restaurant – which serves vibrant Indian food in a friendly communal space – comes away absolutely raving about it, and once you’ve tried it you’ll definitely be hooked. All of the food at Bundobust is veggie, with vegan options labeled clearly on the menu, In addition to an amazing array of Indian street food, they also serve a great range of craft beer and some delicious cocktails. The Bhel Puri is a delight – it’s a sort of deconstructed samosa, served cold – with a mix of flavours that complement each other perfectly. Pair that with a dhal and a vegan beer and you’ll be smiling all the way home.

Great Manchester Vegan Restaurant

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