Social Media Marketing Spends Are Booming – Are You Missing Out?

social media marketing spend infographicOver the last few years there has been an enormous swing in the way that marketing budgets have been utilised. You only have to look at the way in which print media – and newspapers in particular – are struggling to stay afloat as advertisers drift away from their traditional methods. Although the year is far from over, statistics are already showing the extent of the bleed towards new forms of content marketing, and experts are predicting that this is only going to further increase in the coming years. have revealed that this year alone, $23.68 billion (£15.44 billion) is set to be spend on advertising purely on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is set to rise to around $35.98 billion (£23.45 billion) by 2017. Much of this growth seems to be coming from the largest agencies migrating towards online advertising – and it looks as though SME businesses are also following suit.

One of the greatest advantages of marketing through social platforms is the ability to measure results – something which had always been incredibly tricky in the world of print. As companies of all sizes look to make sure that they’re getting the most bang for their buck, it looks as if the days of endlessly spending money for full-page ads in daily newspapers may finally be coming to an end.

Of course, the world of online advertising can be infinitely more tricky, thanks to the many variables that need to be controlled in order to properly utilise this new frontier. Thankfully, our experts at Digital Media Team are able to properly analyse the precise needs of any business, and come up with a sustainable advertising plan based on the needs of the company. If you’re interested in how Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising could help you get an advantage on the competition over the next few years, drop us a line on 0800 808 9980 now, or browse our PPC guide here.

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