Which Social Media Team Are We On?

Though the guys at DMT work with a variety of social media platforms, it’s easy to divide us up just from asking us which our favourite platform is. This week we decided to discuss what we love about our favourite social platforms, and what everyone’s social media nemesis is!

Team Facebook

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“I guess I’m Team Facebook – as an advertiser, no other platform comes close to its powerful targeting and variety of ad types.”

– Kirsty

“I like Facebook for quick, sixty second entertainment. I am finding Facebook becoming much less personal and more focused on pages posts being shared.”

– Andy

“I just love Facebook!”

– Kendall

“I love Facebook, but my daughter gets angry because I show her too many cute animal videos!”

– Lynn

Team Twitter

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“Twitter – if you’ve got your feed sorted out, it feels like a real conversation among friends. It is the first thing I check in the morning, last thing I check at night.”

– Matthew Britton

Team Instagram

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“Favourite platform is Instagram, because it’s visual and personal. It’s all content made by the people I’m interested in following, and easy to find new content to follow. Also fairly non-intrusive ads.”

– Frenchie

“I love Instagram! I like seeing photos of people around the world, and the new story feature is like behind the scenes access.”

– Lacey

Team Snapchat

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“I like Snapchat as I like to see the random things people get up to in their daily lives and I love the random filters!”

– Harley

“My Favourite platform to use is Snapchat as it has a simple design, posts have a lifespan and the filters are great!

– Tim

Team YouTube

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“I love Youtube because I think it’s a great platform for video content for my clients.”

– Ben

So now we know their favourites, which platform do they despise!?

“My least favourite has to be Snapchat – I don’t want 5000 pictures of you stood at a bus stop thanks.”

– Kirsty

“I hate Pinterest. I find it annoying… And I’m not getting married.”

– Tim

“Twitter… Far too complicated.”

– Kendall

“My least favourite is Snapchat, I just don’t get it!”

– Frenchie

“I don’t really have one I despise, but I would probably put Pinterest at the bottom of the list… I just don’t bother using it.”

– Lacey

“I don’t like Twitter, I associate it with following celebs not really a personal platform.”

– Harley

“I hate SnapChat as my daughter is never ever off it.”

– Lynn

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