Social Media Trends

There are so many changes coming to social media this year, and it’s important to know how you can take advantage of social features when it comes to promoting your business. Today we will be focusing on three trends to focus on in 2017 which you can use to push your business online.


Video has become prevalent when it comes to promoting your brand online. Out of the top three hundred companies on Facebook, fifty-eight percent of the content is video, used for the purpose of advertising the brands, products and services. It’s important to fill these videos with relevant content for your audience/customers to know what they’re buying into, and evidence of good service is essential. Use video to let people know what’s going on behind the scenes, what’s coming up, share testimonials from previous customers or clients, and much more.

Still not convinced that video is right for your brand?

  • It would take 5 million years to watch every minute of video uploaded to social media every month… That’s how often video is used!
  • 4 billlion videos are viewed online every day.
  • Though YouTube is the biggest video platform, it is predicted that live video will take a big chunk of this success in the next year.
  • There are over 800 million individual users on YouTube each month.
  • Nearly half of the internet population used YouTube.

In addition to this, live video is also very popular on Facebook, and can be used in a variety of ways. From Q&A’s to product testing, the list for how you can use Facebook Live is limitless. Think about the service you provide and how you can bring Facebook Live into it. Another thing to look out for, depending on your company, is virtual reality. With 360 videos on the rise, there is much to be investigated with virtual reality. So keep an eye out the year to see new ways to bring this into your business.


What makes a company unique? Telling stories helps to build a personal brand and set itself aside from its competitors. Emotional branding is a way of creating an experience which the customer can relate to, thus creating empathy. Your business is more than a service, it is built on its history, its identity, and what it stands for.

How was your brand born? What did you endeavour to get your business to where it is today? It’s important to think about what your mission was to get the brand to where it is today, but also important to think of the customer as the main character in your narrative. It’s not just what you want to do, it’s about what you want to do for them. Testimonials are a powerful way to bring in customer loyalty, by giving an example of how your service affects the customer.

Source: i-Scoop

Social Messaging

Over the past year, I have worked with my team to make sure all clients are there for their customers through social messaging. By keeping response times fast, we have provided evidence of the kind of care our clients wish to provide for their customers, thus bringing in more customers via recommendation. It is becoming so popular that in February 2016, WhatsApp hit its first billion in users!

Source: DreamGrow


It is worth noting that the four most popular messaging apps have a wider community thank the top four social networks. Companies are already taking advantage of social messaging, so much so that in November 2016, Facebook announced that advertisers can pay to highlight their brand in users news feeds, which would allow the user to speak directly to the company in a chat window. 2017 holds promise for social messaging as efforts will be transferred from social networks to social message applications. This can be seen as another opportunity for ecommerce.

So, with 2017 under way, how will you bring these trends into your business?

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