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Social Sprint: Facebook Reactions

So it turns out there are more emotions than like. Facebook are rolling out Reactions, a long overdue update. In addition to liking posts, users will be able to show their love, laugh, gasp, look sad and get angry. Here’s what it all means for us marketing types.

A set of new metrics

Reactions are a new metric to obsess over. More data means more insight; businesses should use Reactions to get a better portrait of their customers. It’s time to figure out why our customers love this post, but only like that one.

Campaigning for specific reactions

Users will be able to respond Facebook Advertising with Reactions, so it’s time to decide which Reaction to target. Are you a wow brand, or the company that everyone loves?

facebook reactions social media

The entire spectrum of human emotion.

An economy of Reactions

Facebook advertising already allows users to campaign for clicks or likes, so why not individual like, love or wow campaigns. With selective campaigns, an economy of Reactions could develop. Are they going to put a price on love?

Anger management

The dislike button is still nowhere to be seen, but we will have sad and angry. These are two risky Reactions for businesses. Considering how many customer complaints are posted on any old company status, it seems a good way of finding disgruntled customers. With Conversational Commerce and customer service chat bots growing in popularity, will we see this reaction used as a scouting tool?

Algorithm changes incoming?

To accommodate the different Reactions, will the timeline algorithm change? If like = laugh = sad = angry, we’ll be as likely to see something that potentially makes us angry as we are to see something that makes us laugh. Will Facebook prioritise enjoyable timelines or will they be full of emotional ups and downs?

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