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Social Sprint: Periscope’s Big Update

The latest social media news in fewer than 400 words. The Social Sprint.

In the next few weeks, Periscope are releasing a much needed update. There are three features to look forward to, major UX improvements for the live streaming app.

The biggest feature

Users will be able to save their videos permanently. No more waving goodbye to your beloved broadcasts after the 24 hours elapses.

This is pretty massive. It now means that companies can create long life and evergreen content with Periscope. Before the update, using Periscope for business was kinda wasteful. Now, funnelling time and effort into creating a half decent broadcast will be rewarded.

periscope update live streaming social media

Don’t forget to save!

Quick examples, estate agents could use Periscope as a content house for video tours of their listed properties. Events companies can stream highlights and send potential clients to their Periscope profile to see just how good a party they can throw.

The wackiest feature

Users can stream Periscope through a drone. It works through pairing your iPhone with the drone itself. Putting the creepy/spying drone issue to the side for now, this announcement sounds like a) an effort to be trendy and b) a straight up copy of Facebook Live (they announced a similar move a couple of weeks ago).

periscope live streaming update

Hmmm. I don’t like drones.

Drone streaming is a nice move, though it’s not going to affect the average Periscope user. It opens up Periscope to major events and promotional stunts. Festival season is around the corner; we could see huge user growth for Periscope as armchair music fans take to their phone to watch Glastonbury.

The slightly big but not quite as big feature

The search function is improving! Hooray! No prizes for guessing how Twitter, Periscope’s owners, are making it easier to find a stream you’re interested in. Yep, hashtags.

Streams will be ordered by topic based on the hashtag attached. This suits cross-promotion, making it important for companies interested in Periscope to build their Twitter audience.

hashtag social media

All the cool kids use this hashtag sign, you should too!

Making it easy to find good content is so important for Periscope. The app can be a little daunting, full of random people streaming god-knows-what, so simplifying the search function opens Periscope up to new users hearing about all this live streaming buzz.

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